NavalClash is a world war I-II themed server which has a custom texture pack to deepen the immersion of building and manning one of the endless number of ships, subs, tanks and plains that can be either built or purchased in-game. Let your creative side run wild as you move through the ingame ranks building, fighting, defending, making friends and having a whole lot of fun along the way. NavalClash was built and based on the movecraft plugin, which has been custom coded to contain automatic movement, torpedo weaponry, economy support, and in-game American Military rankings. NavalClash runs a number of other plugins to help make your stay with us more enjoyable. Over the next few months we will be addressing bugs and adding more features to our core plugins. Military themed minigames will be added as well as time goes by, staying true to the NavalClash theme and values. So grab your shells load them up and lets get to work. See you on the battlefield. Droopystarfish Droopystarfish

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NavalClash offers a unique and dynamic play experience unlike any other WW I-II themed server. With our custom movecraft plugin you can build the military vehicle of your choosing and your dreams. Our custom texture pack will take your breath away. Pilot, sail, drive or submerge your way into history, NavalClash history.


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NavalClash staff are dedicated to making the server great and a positive experience for all players noob or veteran. They work hand in hand to create a dynamic team that out shines other server staff teams through shear will and determination. If you need help a staff member will be there to guide you through the issue and bring it to a swift resolution.

Voting for the server helps both YOU and US. By increasing the server population YOU will have more people to kill or befriend. By increasing the server population we can get more votes and donations to keep the server running, upgrade the server and plugins and hold competitions.


Map & Shipyard Was Reset On 27/01/2018! -------- Donate To Help Upgrade The Server! -------- Creative & Updated HUB Open NOW. -------- MiniGames Server Coming Soon.


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