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May 18, 2017
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Sep 9, 2003 (Age: 14)

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    Sep 9, 2003 (Age: 14)


    "I've fought 60 battles, but never learned anything I already knew from the start" -Napoleon Bonaparte
    "History repeats itself cause no one was listening the first time" -anon Former Trainer.
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwKu1iWFd5scZQrvHLaic0A My Youtube Plz
    NBZ Build Team member, 3 years NBZ Vet.
    "The Germans asked for war and cried when we showed up. We had a great time" -Toh
    "I like how you think you know everything when you are really no more than a snotty, arrogant child" - Our lord and saviour sidewalk, the head-admin.

    Click For A weird Photo you wont regret seeing (You new players too):
    Joined 2014
    Joined Japan Perma fac.
    Kicked from Japan, Joined USSR.
    Left the server.
    Joined in 2015
    Joined NBZEmpire
    Fought in multiple wars meeting multiple people (APEX-NBZE War)
    Joined PT2, Head of operations in Atlantis territory.
    Rejoined NBZE for Trench War.
    Stayed in NBZE.
    Apex war ends.
    Specops Rebellion
    Fall of Specops. Joined Genesis
    Wolfpack War
    Joins Stormwolf after Alex is overthrown.
    Chao griefs server.
    False Banned for 1-3 weeks
    NBZE destroyed and disbanded by boom.
    Solarempire created.
    GOLDEN AGE OF SOLAREMPIRE (Hundreds of successful raids.)
    NBZE get allies, draw in the war.
    TheEmpire declares war, Solarempire-nbze alliance.
    Supertech Raid. (Draw)
    Solarempire war with NBZE, WArhammer, Supertech.
    PT2 Breaks off, Solarempire dies.
    Aurium is founded.
    Joined Dev team
    2016 Perma Factions.
    Leader of allies
    Hated by Everyone
    Player factions
    Back in NBZEmpire
    Leaving to PT2/Aurium, declaring war on NBZE
    Leaving Aurium
    Jumping multiple factions.
    Solarempire formed- Russo-jap war.
    Solarempire destroyed.
    Joined Aurium
    AEL Formed, Arcane-Aurium war.
    Austria Formed
    NBZ Dies. NC formed.
    Joined Aurium
    IS Formed.
    Solarempire formed.
    Return to NC.
    Solarempire goes crap.
    Perma facs.
    Leader of USSR
    First server war
    Taconavy-EU War, Second Server war
    Journalist Formed (Reports on a lot of battles lmao)

    Joined GAT
    Raid on Poland
    Watched Regina Nuke GAT
    Created Solarempire - Adv News Channel

    Perma factions.
    Member of Japan - Did nothing
    USSR - Member, fought with submarines, destroyed Japan ships.
    Got bored - Left the server.

    Apex NBZEmpire War -
    Fought for NBZE, Missed only two battles.
    Ranks held:
    Captain (member)
    Navalofficer (Officer.)
    Head Admiral (officer, 3rd in command.)
    Demoted to Navalofficer, back to Head Admiral.

    PT2 Formed, (Mid Apex War.)
    Joined PT2.
    2nd in Command
    Head of Operations attacking Atlantis - When Atlantis switched to Apex's Side.

    Rejoined NBZEmpire for Trench war.
    PT2 formed as a 5th Branch
    War ends. (Apex NBZEmpire)
    Put into "DockMaster"

    Specops Rebellion.
    Specops last 1 month, two raids on NBZE.

    Joined Genesis.
    Gets the "Youtuber" rank from Alex. (in Genesis the faction.)
    Alex and I go to help Stormwolf being raided by wolfpack (Stormwolf-Wolfpack war.)
    Stormwolf defended after 1-3 hour raid.
    Stormwolf base bombed.
    Apex has men help build fort.
    Apex fort bombed, Wolfpack claims land for F.O.B
    Fought the Battle of Apex Straits.
    Lost the battle, retreat.
    Alex overthrown - Joined Stormwolf.
    Alex regains control - Remains in stormwolf.
    Helps fight the Seige of Genesis.
    Fought in the battle of Genesis Fields (Part of the Siege of Genesis.)
    Longest battle I've been in (lasting 2 days.)
    Chao griefs server - War ends.

    Boom raids Fort Inferno (I call it that today)
    Boom uses /lightning to burn wood walls, bombs interior, tons of men die, buildings damaged. NBZE Disbanded for illegal item abuse.
    Solarempire has multiple succesfull raids.
    First NBZE-SE War. (SE Is Solarempire.)
    War ends, fought in all battles there.
    TheEmpire declares war on Solarempire and NBZE.
    Star destroyer raid on Solarempire, NBZE gets all credit for defending, but it was my base.
    Raid on TheEmpire starts, ambushed and betrayed by Supertech (Dont worry we win this fight.)
    TheEmpire base proven fake.
    Mt. Massacre raid - Commanded overall.
    2nd NBZE war - Fought in all battles and raids.
    Unbreakable bunker built.
    3rd NBZE war - Fought and of course it was a draw.
    Solarempire war 1. - Warhammer, NBZE, Supertech, and Edder fight Solarempire.
    Indestructable bunker raid - edder wins.
    Snowy Mountain raid - NBZE wins.
    Pt2 Breaks off.
    Solarempire loses power.
    First Aurium Solarempire War - Draw
    2nd Aurium - Solarempire war - So short.
    1 minute war - Pen surrenders in 1 minute.
    Solarempire disbands.
    Joined Aurium.

    2016 Perma Factions.
    Won allied election.
    Hated by players.
    Horseshore, Atlas, Navara under constant raids - fought in them all.
    Battle of Fiji -Bloodiest, Longest, Hardest fight ever, Victory for allies.
    Attempt to be overthrown - fails.
    2nd Election, losing to Kiki.
    Shortly after kiki wins, 2016 Perma factions end.

    Recreated Solarempire, doesn't last long.
    Joined Multiple factions - Jumping factions. (BRD was the best faction jump, BRD-Arcane War(s)
    Recreated Solarempire, spent most of my time making mapplots.
    Arcane-Prussian war, aids no one,.
    Russo-Japanese war, aids Russia.
    Loses to Arcane.
    Solarempire dies.
    AEL Formed, fought in Arcane-Aurium war.
    War ends when NBZ DIES
    Navalclash formed, Joined Aurium.
    No wars.
    The hell formed, Solarempire created.
    No wars.
    Return to NC, Joined Aurium.
    Left Aurium, Created Solarempire
    Multiple wars with GermanEmpire, most famous being 1 Week War.
    Towny created
    Rabat created
    Morrocco created
    Perma factions, Raids on Germany, Japan, and Italy.
    First Server war (USSR-Germany)

    Wehrmacht raid on DeutchesRepublik
    Battle of Ireland - Documented
    Battle of London - Commanded/Sniped
    Skirmish At E.U H.Q - Commanded and Engineered.
    Great E.U Death March - Ran along with Mighty, Yacht, and Four, ended up being killed at the end of the deathrun.
    US Navy Raid, (During Death Run) Helped hide soldiers in a hole - ended up being un-covered by Human.
    Created Journalist
    Reported on the Battle of Ireland
    Reported on the Battle of London, Etc, etc.
    Reported on the battle of Rock Mountain and Thots.

    Joined GAT
    Raid on Poland
    Left Gat
    Watched Regina nuke GAT
    Created Solarempire: RE-Named to AdvNewsChannel.

    For the record - The two NBZ/NC war spoilers are different - one is simplified, one is to just give better in-depth cause I was bored the day I wrote it.
    "You tell them they've been fed on lies, and you tell them that ******* has been using them, dont let them use you too." Adventure's Words to Fourbros on the opinions after the 10/14 conversation

    "So, how's life in the EU?
    Whadda have for breakfeast?
    I know, a good one.
    A breakfeast meal called
    "Why ask why when you can just do it?" -Adventure117217
    "And if you remove ********, these kiddos are gonna start whining on another plugin, knowing they'll eventually get what they want."
    "I've dealt with peoplelike you for 3 years, and I've learned one thing
    - Bomb them while the celebrate, win while they're stunned."
    "But then again, I may never know." -Adventure117217
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IY4yMMCuq8c <- EPIC MUSIC
    "We apologize for winning..." -Gatraf
    "When you kissed your uncle and you go up to your parents but bits of his 'stache are on your face" - Moosnuckel1
    "Burn in hell!" -CreeperHate
    "The Salty Tarnation is on" - Darthvader
    "keksd Fun watching how even if they Try and work together, Adventure and Creeper will always break apart and fight each other" - StewieCman
    "Just looks like someone dropped some bombs, set up a tripple and destroyed the house.
    You diddint level their Flummery." - Gatraf
    "Let me axe you something" - PenguinH2O
    "You just posted three times instead of editing one Post -1" -StewieCman
    ".... Pim i know most probably you lied to ro and possibly you did it but when I get the evidince that you did it you will be so sorry and just so you know you said i went to poop pooping doesn't take like 3 hours ok?" -Abejones2 Aka Retard


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