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Balance Removed

Discussion in 'Technical Forum' started by DarthRoar, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. DarthRoar

    DarthRoar Forum Recruit

    Before the hack I had accumulated a balance of around 3M, but now it has been reduced to 600k presumably because someone thought it was a result of the hack.

    I had gained this balance legitimately through outpost rewards as ETU had held all the outposts over at least the past 2 weeks. Pim or any other ex-ETU member can verify that being in ETU was very profitable. I'm sure others (gatraf for instance) could verify that I indeed had baltop 2 before the hack.

    If you think this balance is unreasonable/achievable the math is simple. 14 days * 10 hours per day * $24000 per hour = $3,360,000. I could also produce chat logs full of outpost rewards to prove this.

    HiHoTheMerryOh's balance was also reduced from a legitimate 2M to 1M.

    Thanks, and I hope this can be resolved.

    - DarthRoar.
  2. TheInventorMan

    TheInventorMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    Sorry, that's my bad.

    I still don't have any backups, but I also didn't want to continue to leave everyone's bal at 97-10mil for another week, so I tried to fix the balances, and just went off of memory / how much the griefer added to people's balances on-average. When I was doing the people who I thought had legitimately gotten somewhere upwards of a million dollars, I decided to go with conservative estimates - the idea being that should I get one wrong, people would tell me so I could fix it, as opposed to accidentally giving someone an extra million and them just running with it.

    At any rate though, I fixed both your and Dirk's balance just now; if anyone else has any balance issues, please let me know, and I'll fix it right away.
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  3. DarthRoar

    DarthRoar Forum Recruit

    Understandable, thank you very much.
  4. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

    I like how you think you can betray Our lord and saviour sidewalk

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