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Ban Appeal Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Punishment Appeals' started by Deported_MExican, May 1, 2018.

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  1. Deported_MExican

    Deported_MExican Forum Lt. JG

    IGN: Deported_Mexican

    The type of punishment: Ban

    Duration of the punishment: somewhere around a month

    When the event occurred (approximately): between today and yesterday

    The reason given for your punishment: selling alts

    Why you believe the punishment was unfair: first of all they were overpriced and it was more of a joke and like nobody wanted to buy any. Also I was planning on taking the alt shop down because im expanding my normal item shop. Also there was no rules against selling alts and I believe this is unfair.

    Staff members (and players) involved: idk
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  2. gatraf

    gatraf Forum Admiral

    +1 what has this server beacome, banning hardworking players that just scrape for income...
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  3. Terra1

    Terra1 Forum R. Admiral

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  4. Deported_MExican

    Deported_MExican Forum Lt. JG

    tbh the op should have just deleted the signs and tell me not to do it instead of banning me.
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  5. gatraf

    gatraf Forum Admiral

    Indeed, but it was probally Carter.
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  6. sharpjd

    sharpjd Forum Lt. JG

    This was probably meant as a joke from depo anyways... No one on the server has 1 million dollars. I doubt depo had any alts to sell either. Can you guys just do a little more investigation before you decide to ban????
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  7. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Head Admin Staff Member Head Admin

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