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Breaking news! ETU has been disbanded!

Discussion in 'Server Politics' started by Terra1, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Terra1

    Terra1 Forum Cpt

    ETU, by far the largest faction on the server, has been disbanded.
    This will surely cause confusion and disarray in the remnants of the Old Alliance.
    This is Terra1, signing off.
  2. VIEF_Chokolatecake

    VIEF_Chokolatecake Forum Ensign

    Do you want to know why? You've all been lied to, you've looked up to ETU they tried to kill UER from the inside, the repelled and killed them instead. You do not know jag at all, a lying scumbag who if you're a member of him he will leave you behind like he does with all his members. Oh? And also hes been the mastermind on previous raids on your ALLIANCE. Too for Creeperhate, you're truced with us, you treat his as a formidable ally, yet his only skill is inviting people who will never player again.
    GermanEmpire was not coming back, it was a fraud thing I made to make people under control.
    Listen to this
  3. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Master

  4. gatraf

    gatraf Forum Admiral

    Lmfao such an arrogant <censored> deserves to be factionless, hes almost worse than me...
    Anyways for you @Terra1 : Oh and your whole god damn alliance, IT WONT WORK ALLYING WITH EVERYONE SINCE THEN NO ONE WILL HAVE ANYONE TO FIGHT. Tarnation idioots
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  5. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Master

    GermanEmpire was bigga brah
  6. Terra1

    Terra1 Forum Cpt

    Yes, but it's long-gone.
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  7. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

    It was BRD 2.0 duuuuude
  8. unstopable777

    unstopable777 Forum Ensign

    Time to recommission the FMO questionmark
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  9. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

    L m a o
  10. MythicalWraith

    MythicalWraith Forum Cpt

    Hell. Yeah.

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