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Copycatting :D (History of Solarempire)

Discussion in 'Pictures/Videos' started by Adventure117217, Apr 19, 2018.

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    "If You all have anymore faction stories then you can post them yourself, or tell me in detail by order of there birth middle and end. Dedication to all Eurasian Members who fought hard."

    *Pumps chest, grabs coffee, grabs keyboard*

    Dear Frodo, it is time you learn the truth...

    Solarempire was a dictatorship run by me(adventure117217) throughout 2016. It is a semi-mockbuster off of NBZEmpire. The faction raided many bases during it's time period, and was known for ruthlessness but having more bark than bite.

    Created: Early 2016 (January)
    Lasted: 7-8 Months.
    Members 18-20. (At the time, 20 players was the max a faction could have.)

    After the Apex War had ended, NBZEmpire and many players became bored. Adventure117217 personally left to lead a 1 man rebellion against NBZEmpire for about 1/2 months. After the rebellion was quelled, he rejoined NBZEmpire. In very late December of 2015, Boom_123456 attacked a wooden fort made by NBZEmpire and allies. After the fort was burned to the ground using an abuse of /lightning, NBZEmpire was disbanded for obtaining items illegally. (AKA: Spawning in blocks at a hangar spawner for material.)

    Many members didn't know what to do, Adventure117217, created a faction called PT3 and invited many members into it, after about 2 weeks of existing, a name change was made. Rickyc768 proposed the name of "Solarempire."

    Solarempire began at a small pond in a meadow surrounded by forest. A small wooden shack was built to protect the loot, and the faction started off relatively weak. No major progress was being made at all. One day, Blackviking used our hangar spawners to his advantage and destroyed the base.

    Then, we made our famous star-trek style base. Our first war came with NBZEmpire (They allowed flames to re-create it because he got staff.) He was a tough fight, but we ensued a mass fight and a good struggle. After many battles that have been lost to time, we decided the war wasn't worth it and became allies for a short time.

    One day, TheEmpire, at the time the strongest empire on the server, attacked us. They used a massive ship3 star destroyer on our base, but since a lot of allies came (Mostly NBZEmpire) many people thought it was their base, and the Solarempire sacrifice was left unknown. The fight lasted for 3+ hours and resulted in a mass defeat for solarempire and allies, destroying our hard earned base and tons of hours of gaining loot and clay to build a mass base.

    We then made a base in a cozy valley nearby. We learned from our mistakes and learned to fight. we prayed on tiny and baby factions for a while. Anyways, we'd make allies and enemies pretty fast. We had the habit to raid on sight unless they were allies. However, our only major ally, was a 1 man roleplay faction, lead by non-other, Gen_Sebastian. We built a wall inbetween our bases to serve as a barrier, we mended our walls and began our own "factories."

    Ruby tech was formed, a massive mining base ontop of a glitched chunk that allowed us to see wood. I began to test new GBU-15 style bombs that could do an explosion x2 bigger than a normal bomb. We prospered in our base, but this didn't come at a cost.

    I was a harsh ruler, and brought many harsh punishments and arguments down onto the poor serfs of the empire. I know that I caused probably a lot of pain to people. A lot of our success was mostly in the hands of our most prized member, PenguinH2O.

    One day, I logged on to see our base was being raided for the first time :O! It was non-other than Gingerstamp555 and his friend, Mangoman(some numbers). They were shot down and only bombed plain grass, nevertheless, it was fun watching them scream in chat.

    Our next war came with our ally, my personality constantly found reasons to go to war with people, and I slowly deteriorated our relation. One day, war was declared by him. What did we do? He killed Pengu, only to be killed when pen returned after he had equipped his gear. I destroyed his coal factory and he surrendered in under a minute afterward. He was the first roleplay faction to fall into our hands.

    Middle Ages
    The middle ages would start with an attempt to raid TheEmpire in retaliation. Half-way through the fight, an ally, Supertech, lead by Superbldr, attempted to backstab us. He shot-down our aircraft but failed to kill and stop us, his entire faction would be killed and we wouldn't suffer a single casualty.

    We only figured out the base was a fake, they had already moved. We felt like we had did this for nothing and the mission was a failure. Now, we had another task, after being tired of our base, which was barely standing, we moved to a base in a large mountain and began an enlarged base inside a mountain.

    It was nice and pretty large for a base. But, this time, we wanted revenge on an old empire who had attempted to harm us long before. The empire, was Supertech. We disguised the battle as a diplomatic meeting, talking with Supertech about "why did you attack us?"

    The meeting went well, until, PenguinH2O, one of my guards, drew his sword and threw it into Superbldr. He died afterward, and a war began, not just a war, a massive battle, the largest battle in Solarempire history.

    It started as a normal raid, Solarempire began to raze the base and attempted to get loot, but more and more people logged online, and suddenly, the mountain began to spew out enemies like an anthill, the "ants" soon became well-known staff members, such as roboticj.

    They began to slowly push us back, but our job was done, after 3+ hours of fighting, their base was destroyed and they were forced to leave it. The casualties were 100+ for both sides. This was a symbolic victory, as it showed we could still defeat a faction with staff help and 5+ allies.

    As I mentioned before, I was a harsh and rude ruler who mistreated his subordinates. Doing so, me and Bladecity576 (or footballfanmc) got into a heated argument. I kicked him from the faction and began to kill him. He fled, and we had a mass duel for a long time until he eventually logged.

    After this, we would go on to fight another war with NBZEmpire. This one would be harsh, we would do many daring attempts to raid bases, even making temporary bases just so we could raid the next day if one job wasn't finished.

    Despite our efforts, we could not break NBZEmpire's fighting spirits, and we called the war a draw. We had created a Wooden cabin base that was destroyed, just like the decoy nearby. This war taught we weren't invincible, despite picking many noob factions to harm.

    Late History and Downfall.

    One day, we built a bunker on a really, really, tiny island. This island however, was to become the place that stored the most plundered loot on the server at the time. Fearing for large-style raids, we set up a really large indestructible bunker.

    The bunker's layout was simple, there was one layer of obsidian coating the outside, then some endstone on the inside of that, water inside the endstone layer, another layer of obsidian under that which was 3 blocks thick.

    "Adventure, how did you get all that obsidian?" Raids and labor, raids, and labor. This is when we decided to go ham with wars and raiding, we raided so many tiny and poor innocent factions (and large ones too) that we got more than 3 rooms that were more than 10x10 large, filled with double chest that were all full with more than 64 stacks of objects.

    However, one day, I bit off more than I could chew, over-confidently, we declared war on NBZEmpire on ambitions to destroy them. NBZEmpire was prepared, and within a matter of days, Warhammer, Edderkopp123456, and NBZEmpire were now at war with us.

    Warhammer did the first blow, striking out the entire defenses ontop of our island but failing to pierce our bunker. Next, came the massive battle that would decide the fate of the war, the Battle of Indestructible Bunker, is what I call it.

    Nearly half of the Solarempire members (10) began the fight, Edderkopp, the Head Admin of the Server, began to attack. He torpedoed our base but it failed to breach it, after his submarine was sunk, he began to swim to our base with OP gear and Gapples.

    AA-GUN bullets flew across the screen, bullets pounded his chest as he slowly lost health. Nothing could stop him, he reached the island and began his work. PenguinH2O first met him, dying instantly, then came Bladecity, myself, Football, Gavman, all of them, dropping like flies, the warlord was too powerful.

    After tons of dying and death, Edderkopp opened diplomatic terms. He asked that we surrender to NBZEmpire or he would continue the destruction of our base. We of course, stalled as long as we could. I ordered Gavman7015 (Our airforce General) to fly and pick me up as we attempted to blast Edder with bombs afterward.

    What happened next? I kicked Edder and began to run towards the plane, edder chased, but I jumped onto it just in time. Our men tried to kill him only to fail. I bailed out on an the snowy mainland nearby, Gav continued to fly.

    After the raid was over, Solarempire's base was intact, no loot was harmed. The only thing we lost was our dignity, and since our base was compromised, it was too dangerous to stay. We moved to a new place in the winter-like hills nearby and made a massive, cozy, winter village.

    We began our own rail system, like a road, across our base. We built a lighthouse and a mass runway, we were proud of this base, just like our old bunker. We missed it, but we knew it would still live on until another update came.

    Eventually Penguin and some others got fed-up with my harshness and strictness. They left to create Aurium, a spin-off of Penguin Tech (PT). After this, Solarempire was weaker than ever, with barely any power to stand on its own legs.

    NBZEmpire raided our base shortly after, despite my attempt to shoot down their bomber, it failed. Our base was gone, and so was the empire. It disbanded almost a week after that raid. I joined Aurium lead by PenguinH2O.

    THE END.

    The story of Solarempire isn't as glorious as some of the people I may have told it too. Aurium still lives on today, and I just wanted to thank the members who still play today from Solarempire for making us a superpower.

    Anyways, after 3 days of writing a post that still turned out to be Flummery, I gotta go, cya.
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    Forgot to add:
    PHOTOS: 2015-12-31_18.36.16.png The NBZEmpire barracks at the Fort that boom burned, 2015. The Barracks were a place of a futile attempt to stop a raging fire of a building that was about 80 blocks tall and made of only wood.
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    clap clap clap
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    Why didn't you just edit it into the post instead of making another
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    You forgot the short tad bit where you allied USMC and you got caught in the crossfire and your only structure was bombed during GE days.
  7. Adventure117217

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    Im talking about Solarempire in 2016, not 2017 and 2018.
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    I have the entire history of the german Empire, how many likes this post gets depends on if I post it or not.
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    I can see it now:


    GE, losing to every nation since it was founded in 2017
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    No, it was written by creeper
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    so what makes uer different tho
  12. Adventure117217

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    Reinforced Alloy Gear.
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    to be fair, we only give them out to good people such as myself and- ohh.....
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    Historically accurate Germany. I don't see why people glorify German Empire and Nazi Germany when in reality they lost both wars they started.
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    I would've won those wars too, if it wasn't for you meddling Americans!
  16. LCB0612

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    Lmao, thinking the soviets would have lost against Germany even without American help in the west
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