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Creativity Challenge

Discussion in 'Competitions' started by burgerking97, Dec 1, 2017.

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  1. burgerking97

    burgerking97 Forum Lt.

    Alright, here we go with the challenges-that-no-one-care-about again.
    Okay though, this challenge is about creativity in your builds, and how unique and just plain awesome it looks. So the requirements are any type of plot in the game, yes also donators and staff with there fancy plots can join in.
    So now for the prizes, First place will get a crazy 20k in game while second will get 5k.
    Now for entry, post your ship info in this format:

    Plot ID:
    Plot Type:
    Small description of the ship:

    Good luck everyone and let the competition begin!
    (Ends in 2 weeks)
  2. Stormcotton

    Stormcotton Forum R. Admiral

    Username: stormcotton
    Plot ID: 0
    Plot Type: ship 1
    Small description of the ship: It is a small anti-sub ship.
  3. StewieCman

    StewieCman Forum Admiral

    Username: StewieCman
    Plot ID: 2
    Plot Type: Ship 2
    Small description of the ship: High Speed Bomber/Gunship
  4. Vulture4117

    Vulture4117 Forum Admiral

    since its a creativity challenge i cant really use a ship like my yamato, cus its based off of a real life ship?
  5. burgerking97

    burgerking97 Forum Lt.

    Well, ill still include real life ships, but the judging on it will be on how well it is made off of the real thing.
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  6. CowCrafter22

    CowCrafter22 Forum Lt. JG

    Burger I love this idea and will take part in it, I want to help sponsor and will donate 10k for the completion prize
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  7. burgerking97

    burgerking97 Forum Lt.

    Thanks, I like the help :)
  8. DalekEric

    DalekEric Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    Can I just post screenshots of my stuff from other servers. I don't want to be assed into having to build with this horrid resource pack and use the plot system...
  9. burgerking97

    burgerking97 Forum Lt.

    Sure, aslong as you built it
  10. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    I'm offended. This is a very long-lived and beloved resourcepack, howdareyou
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  11. Vulture4117

    Vulture4117 Forum Admiral

    we need more nice people like cow
  12. Vulture4117

    Vulture4117 Forum Admiral

    he's partially right, because of the god-awful names that you or ehoever put into the new(ish) navalclash resource pack, like "gray steel" instead of "gray stained clay", "engine block" instead of lapis lazuli block, ect
  13. DalekEric

    DalekEric Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    Its not that the pack is ugly... Its just hard to build with for the purpose of creative design
  14. gatraf

    gatraf Forum Admiral

    This whole community is an offence to mankind.
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  15. 871Dalencon

    871Dalencon Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I probably wont do this since I have more important things to do and never have time to build. But I hope others will! To make sure that happens, I'm adding in 25k for the winner and 10k for 2nd place. Hope you guys work hard and make something awesome! ;)
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  16. burgerking97

    burgerking97 Forum Lt.

    oh boy why thank ya dal!
  17. DalekEric

    DalekEric Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    Lel that's why I don't count myself a part of it...
  18. DalekEric

    DalekEric Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    2017-12-06_16.33.09.png I give you Victorian steampunk on cocaine. I have more entries
  19. DalekEric

    DalekEric Forum Lt. Cmdr.

  20. DalekEric

    DalekEric Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    23FA0B74-8236-45AE-92C8-4F083C6F9347.png Do sprites count too?
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