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DPRA Mercenaries for hire.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Terra1, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. Terra1

    Terra1 Forum R. Admiral

    Mercenaries for hire!
    The DPRA will gladly fight against whoever you pay us to fight against, assuming it isn't against one of our allies.
    All you will have to do is provide us with coordinates and airdrop us onto the target.
    Here is the pricing:
    Each player in an attack is worth $1000, so if you want 2 players, it will cost $2000.
    If one of us dies, you pay for the cost of any lost equipment.
    Extra equipment (Cannons, air support, tanks, etc) has variable pricing.

    A few extra notes:
    If you happen to be a member of UFP or one of it's allies, we will not fight for you. Sorry.
    If you are one of our allies, you will get a 50% discount.
    All money will be paid directly to the soldiers fighting, so if Player 1 and Player 2 are fighting, then you pay $1000 to Player 1 and another $1000 to Player 2.
    Our equipment is mostly low-tech, so don't expect to win just by paying us tons of money.
    We will abide by http://navalclash.net/Forum/threads/the-international-restrictions-on-naval-combat.1009/
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  2. Moo

    Moo Trainer Staff Member Trainer

    "If one of us dies, you pay for the cost of any lost equipment."

    So we're paying for you messing up and being too incompetent to kill your target? That isn't how it works.
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  3. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Master

    Don't really need help from the dude who ran and hid in a mountain during the battle of Rice Pads, so UFP wouldn't have hired ya' anyways.
  4. Terra1

    Terra1 Forum R. Admiral

    You're paying for extra people.
    If you're cash-strapped, then you wouldn't be able to afford us anyways.
    Basically, this is for factions that are extremely rich but need more people to win a battle.

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