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Germany’s Jobs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WILLYBABA, May 10, 2018.


    WILLYBABA Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    I am announcing that I will be making posts advertising Germany’s job opportunity’s. Unfortunately at the moment Taco members and UER members cannot join per the Fuhrers rules. People who are allied may request a VISA to visit an outpost or just out of curiosity take a look. We have multiple jobs which you can message me to learn more about. Heer: Infantry, Panzer, Mechanized Infantry, Sturmtruppen, Engineers, MP (Military Police), Artillery, Anti-Air, Deutsches Afrika Korps. Kriegsmarine: Submariner, Radio man, radar operator, sonar operator, Anti-Air, Pilot, minelayer, cannon operator, secondary battery operator, torpedo man, engineer, I know the terms may not be correct but I am on my phone and don’t feel like doing the work cause I am lazy.
    Luftwaffe: Pilot, engineer, ATC Operator, AA Gunner, Spotlight Operator, Aircraft Gunners, Navigator/Bombardier, Aircraft transporter.
    We will have more information coming soon on how to apply to Germany and how to get a VISA.

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