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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by madengi, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. madengi

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    Currently we just have AA guns for aircraft armaments, but i think that those are inefficient because you have to get out and can only shoot one at a time. I think we should be able to build a system like a cannon or a torp system but for a maching gun so that when the user flicks a lever or something the guns fire automatically, this will help with Air to Air combat but also air to ground or on ships, Just an idea but i feel that aircraft aren't even worth having other than to bomb ships
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  3. martmn

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    plens are op enaf
  4. madengi

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    they really arnet, you can shoot them down with one cannon shot, or 5 shots of aa will bring them down
  5. martmn

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    You just dont know what they are capable of...
  6. gatraf

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    I dont even think he knows what they are
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    I've shot down planes with TnT Cannons, you guys need work on aiming better.
    Not like these aircraft are stained clay or terracotta which are now banned.
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    Why are you worrying about faster AA? It’s not destructive enough for plane to ship combat anyway.
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    Make Kiki AA great again.

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