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Low Priority HiHoTheMerryOh Box Ship

Discussion in 'Player Reports/Complaints' started by DarthVaderV, Jun 1, 2018.

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  1. DarthVaderV

    DarthVaderV Forum Lt.

    Name Of Offender: HiHoTheMerryOh

    Date Of Offense: 6/1/2018

    Offense Committed: Cancer Box Ship

    Explanation: So I'm just chilling around docks, and then this barely-above-water box ship filled with obby and spamming double cannons that I can't hit suddenly appears from docks. I get killed by the cancer.

    Evidence: 2018-06-01_21.56.06.png

    Any other info/members involved: dogpig7777
  2. Id like to tell my side here. I initially did make a box ship (note not the one I sunk anybody in) I was told to round the sides and front to make it legal so I did. then I sailed this modified ship out and sunk Darth. Though this ship fills my plot thoroughly (id: 1 if you would like to check it out) it is a ship with a obvious helm, a full rounded hull, and a rounded deck. It is boxy but rounded fully. I believe this is a fully legal ship but if staff decides other wise I will happily delete the plot.
    -cancer ship maker Jdirks/HiHo
  3. DarthVaderV

    DarthVaderV Forum Lt.

    cutting off a few blocks on the sides doesnt change the cancer element lol
  4. But cutting off blocks is exactly what rounding is. I am sorry that you dub my ship "cancer" but I call it making a well made practical ship within the legal meta. Lets stop arguing and leave it up to staff
  5. ViefBot

    ViefBot Forum Ensign

    On shut the fuc k up you useless ugly piece of shi t whoever you are, i can show you everything cancer about that ship, 1 obviously it's a block ship 2 it's got cancer all over it, it's flat too, I'm not sure what's illegal about this ship but there are several banned cancer vehicles such as that, I'm really going to see what people are going to compare this ship to my gunbrick, nonetheless it's a box ship read the /rules which may not show it in there but it's against the rules, I'll show you an example on look i have a box ship, on look i add 1% of shape, now it totally looks less like a square, by the way it's vader, i could blow this ship to help since the creator was thinking he was smart about the top, close report and give a warning? Change it? All you really need to do
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  6. ViefBot

    ViefBot Forum Ensign

    Lol wtff "rounded" welp, no proof on both sides i don't think Ford's screens is the full ship but it looks bell a boxy, not to mention where the crap is the bridge
  7. ViefBot

    ViefBot Forum Ensign

    Cutting off blocks isnt generally it does not have to be round, it needs to have a better shape, look at ships, they are perfect examples, make it look nice, not an absolute mess with no points, no realistic shape,doess not even have to be realistic it just needs to not look like box hull
  8. ViefBot

    ViefBot Forum Ensign

    One thing vader, i can tell you don't like this dude, i don't either for his naive reaction he's like Jay but, less **** mad
  9. The bridge is exploded off from my ship that "I (Darth) cant hit". Like I said above feel free to check out the unchanged plot (id 1). I Believe my ships shape is fine and within legal limits. Now being a "ugly piece of shi t", has nothing to do with my ship. Can we not call names and have a rational debate. I will change it if staff says its illegal. Until then can you provide a well formatted list of my actual offences besides being cancer and ugly
  10. ViefBot

    ViefBot Forum Ensign

    Instead can you please show what your ship looks like? If you change it then it will make the ending of your case, it's his proof now show yours, i can't because my computer is busted
  11. ViefBot

    ViefBot Forum Ensign

    I'm just going to give a conclusion to this, you all have to be more mature, i haven't shown it in my response but, this is a baby thing, what should we do, just you, kick you, ban you? This isn't snitching but being pesky about details, change it if you want to go clean, it's simple as that there is no use for this report,please someone close this
  12. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate you trying to resolve this. The issue for me is I believe there is nothing to resolve. Though boxy, my ship is legal and I don't want to be forced to change it for baseless reasons. I never wanted this forum to blow up nor should it. Id love this to end/ get a staff ruling, but until then, I will change nothing
  13. gatraf

    gatraf Forum Admiral

    Good luck then, staff will reply in 3months
  14. This drama is not worth it. I'll modify the plot and make it hopefully less "cancer"
  15. TheInventorMan

    TheInventorMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    If you'd like to change your ship, that's fine. But please, don't change it just because some edgy child started yelling & cursing at you in what's barely English.
    Stuff like this is stupid, toxic, and pointless - and you've received a warning for it.

    And please, for the love of god, @ViefBot edit or revise your posts to add more points if-need-be, instead of posting 5 short, incoherent posts consecutively.

    Regarding the actual report, though - if you look at the plot, it's really not a boxship. It's tall, wide, and its shape is unorthodox, but it's far from a box. Spamming double cannons is not illegal, and if it was, you'd be more guilty of it yourself than Dirk. And while I will say the ship is flat-decked (though not as flat as your original screenshot, for aforementioned reasons), and I'd prefer a change for the sake of simple good sportsmanship, it's not illegal.

    For that matter, the ship is really not that hard to counter, anyway. If it's floating like a hovercraft, the shaping of the hull gives enough - rather deep - ridges on the middle-lower area to catch TNT just fine, and if it's floating too far below that threshold, then it's very vulnerable to torps. Just read your targets, mate.

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