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History of Atlantea

Discussion in 'Server Politics' started by Terra1, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Terra1

    Terra1 Forum R. Admiral

    Atlantea originated on a small island back on NBZ.
    That island was about as small as a ship4, and the only thing on it originally was a single tree.
    I discovered the island, covered it in buildings, and created a faction with 10+ players.
    PenguinH2O joined and set up a railway network on the island, and we built a few small ships.
    Then, someone (I don't remember the name) stole a ship from the Atlantean docks, and attacked the island, eventually destroying almost everything, the island was turned to nothing other than crushed dreams and a few blocks of dirt thanks to Atlantea's own advanced weaponry.
    Then came the 2nd incarnation of Atlantea, it was created last year, and had 3 bases over it's short history.
    The faction name was the Democratic Republic of Atlantea (DROA), and it originated after a test run of a new ship rediscovered Israel's old base, it was also built on a small island, and the massive underground bunker built underground was still completely intact.
    The base was used for almost a week, before someone (I don't remember the name), also stole a ship from the Atlantean docks, and again, turned the island into nothing but crushed dreams and a few blocks of dirt. DROA eventually came up with a solution to the issue, take a bunch of ships, and link them together with wood bridges. Several ships were raised, and, before they could be linked together, Kilowner (I think it was Kilowner, I don't remember) found another old Israeli base, completely intact, and it even had ships in it's harbor.
    We turned that into our new base, DROA had great diplomatic relations, and even managed to get gigantic ship5 supercarriers for almost nothing. This was during the height of Slimefun use, and the massive mountain behind the base was completely leveled, while we desperately mined for XP in order to rush for nuclear weapons.
    Then, we voluntarily became a subject of the Prussian Empire, and eventually got integrated after Velocity threatened to nuke Prussian Islands (The new name of DROA)
    Then, Velocity failed to deliver on his/her promise of nuking the base, and it was abandoned.
    Later on, the Prussian Empire became a superpower after I built the most cutting-edge bioweapons lab on the server, we had chests upon chests filled with gigantic supplies of Rabies, Smallpox, and the Plague.
    In addition, we also had a secret ICBM project going on, which would have succeeded in producing ICBMs had Speedi not nuked Prussia's base for no damn reason.
    Finally, the 3rd incarnation.
    It existed for 3 days, and had almost no players, we had a nice, small, basic bunker, and was abandoned after we were repeatedly attacked by players who claimed that planes didn't have to be AA-able.

    And that is the story of the Atlantean Empire's rise and fall, and rise and fall again.
    DROA's 3rd base, during what I would call the "Nuke Crisis"
    The Bismarck, resurrected after sitting in an old harbor for months..

    Glory to the Atlantean Empire, it will come back after reset.
  2. Vulture4117

    Vulture4117 Forum Admiral

    That thing looks nothing like a bismarck.
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  3. MythicalWraith

    MythicalWraith Forum R. Admiral

    You didn't have the most cutting edge biolab. ST did, we had too much bio weapons.
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  4. Terra1

    Terra1 Forum R. Admiral

    Well, jaguar called it the bismarck, deal with it.
    Any screenshots? I don't have any of the Prussian Empire's biolab, unfortunately.
    Just found one, unfortunately, it's just a boring steel wall, :(
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  5. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Master

    LOL, why did you get so heated when he just mentioned that his lab was slightly better?
  6. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Master

    In addition, we also had a secret ICBM project going on, which would have succeeded in producing ICBMs had Speedi not nuked Prussia's base for no damn reason.

    Are you still triggered over that?
  7. Terra1

    Terra1 Forum R. Admiral

    I didn't, I just asked for a picture, lol.
  8. Moo

    Moo Trainer Staff Member Trainer

    those two carriers were ones that I delivered to DROA at the height of the Arcane Empire shipping/vehicle delivery period :3
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  9. LCB0612

    LCB0612 Forum R. Admiral+

    Yeah me and le bros raped your base while flying to another raid

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