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History of the German Empire

Discussion in 'Server Politics' started by Jaguar36703, Apr 20, 2018.

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    yeah so creeper gave me this information because we were planning to have a meusam of military glory. Seeing as that will never happen I didn't want it to go to waste.
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    The age of Prussia 1/x/17 - 2/x/17

    Kingdom of Prussia 1/x/17 - 1/x/17
    The roots of what was goin to become the great German Empire can be found in Konigsberg East Prussia When King CreeperHate der Ist Founded Konigsberg and established the Kingdom of Prussia. USMC or USAirForce or Foxtrot under leadership of Nuclear_Waffles has been our oldest allies long before the founding of Prussia.
    The city slowly grew to achieving docks, streets, monument to fallen soldiers, and an administration building. The city had initially contained a low population of loyal friends, one of which was J_H_Rogers the original Chancellor of Prussia and Chancellor of what would become of the GermanEmpire. The city-state began to expand it's territory to fully claim the province of East Prussia and build a full wall around its perimeter, around this time a highway system was started to connect the city to a small airfield in Pomerania. Then came the Russo-Japanese where Prussia officially remained neutral in the conflict. Sweden because one of our closest allies with the leadership of Burgerking.
    Arcane then declared war on BRD one of our closest allies and it is unclear if we fought in that war or withdrew, although a severe warning from arcane diplomats was issued to un-ally them to be spared of attacks. There was a small faction on the Balkan cost called "GermanEmpire" lead by Dwys, it had a ship pen and never grew. It was then attacked by aurium and since we were allies we helped during the defence of Dwys' base with the help of other allies but ultimately the base was almost totally destroyed and Dwys was forced to disband. Dwys, facing the death of his state and the complete destruction of his base saw that it is best to merge and King CreeperHate offered Dwys to become Chancellor along with a few of his members.
    The Kingdom later expanded to West Prussia, Posen, and strengthened.
    Prussian Empire 1/x/17 - 1/x/17
    Prussian Empire was then proclaimed shortly after the merger, it was an important moment in our history since it marked the begining of the era where Prussia was now a medium sized faction. Monuments were build, flags and banners were proudly displayed on the streets, and members were starting to build their own houses.
    I Prussian-Arcane War
    Following unresolved issues arising from the last war, with increasingly bitter tensions between Arcane and Prussia, war was declared but quickly followed by the destruction of Konigsberg. [citation needed] Berlin by this time was starting to be constructed, so the capital was moved to there. It is not known how the conflict was ended. [citation needed]
    Rebuilding and unifying
    Konigsberg was rebuilt completely and more members were joining the empire at an increasing rate. Berlin was continued and an increase in faction wealth was observed. At the time there were 3 or 4 German factions, Through the great Diplomacy of Kaiser CreeperHate, all of them merged into a single German state called the GermanConfederation, with Prussia being the crowning kingdom. The only other German state left was BRD. I apointed a Duke of Warsaw and Duke of Bohemia which effectively made both Poland and Bohemia Duchies of the Prussian Empire. Gatraf was King of Bavaria with Vulture being his top Bavarian General.
    II Prussian(German)-Arcane War
    It is unclear as to how this conflict arose, but resulted in a more unified nation
    Konigsberg was bombed again, Berlin was bombed. But we retaliated by sailing a battleship to Arcane's outpost at Georgia and bombarded it. A wide search across the entire Pacific was initiated to find Arcane's submarine base, it was found near the edge of the map but later moved and lost due to a spy hearing our conversations. Facing Ark's deadline, we rushed to destroy Arcane's capital in a lava fortified island but all efforts to bomb it were futile since is was nearly entirely made out of Obsidian. We surrendered and payed reparations and a huge move was started to rebuild.
    German Confederation proclaimed, Rebuilding and Nation building
    Konigsberg was once again rebuilt but damaged by terrorists and rebuilt again. Warsaw was growing and Berlin was becoming a metropolis. Berlin airport was built and BRD merged with us which I apointed The_11thDoctor as Admiral of the navy.
    Belgium became our greatest ally after Sweden became inactive and a very strong relation was started which GermanConfederation pledged to defend Belgium. An embassy was built there and the entire land area of Germany was claimed.
    Age of the GermanEmpire 2/x/17 - 8/x/17
    GermanEmpire proclaimed
    German Empire proclaimed with Kaiser CreeperHate Der Ist of Prussia becoming the Emperor of the German Empire and King of Prussia.
    Continental War I
    Conflict arose as Arcane begun bombing Belgium and war brought the destruction of Brussels as USMC and GermanEmpire tried to defend it. Aurium is beileved to have been on Arcane's side resulting in the destruction of Mantyker's Kingdom and his unification with GermanEmpire as King of England. Penguin of Aurium along with TacoNavy bombarded Konigsberg and was heavily damaged. Upuu of Arcane then bombed Konigsberg so hard that it was never rebuilt again and abandoned. It is not known how many wars were combined here, but it left a huge path of destruction.
    Belgium and Berlin were rebuilt and there were 1 or 2 more wars 1 regarding terrorist carter.
    This was the Height of the old GermanEmpire, covering territory from Alsace Loraine to Poland, with Russia with the leader Tohryn as our ally and having numerouse colonies accrose the globe, from Gibraltar to Jerusalem to Constantinople to even the entire french region of Canada under leadership of kiki after he was absorbed into the GermanEmpire
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    Die neue Ära (The New Era)
    World was reset and Berlin was rebuilt aswell as Konigsberg (partialy). Doc constructed the beautiful Reichstag and a larger Berlin airport was built. I named Jaguar as the new King of Bavaria since Gatraf (King of Bavaria) Betrayed the GermanEmpire and left to SolarEmpire.
    NATO was formed between GreatBritain, UnitedStates, Spain and the German Empire.
    German Civil War 4/x/17 - 4/x/17
    Jaguar King of Bavaria broke away almost by force which he called the German Civil war and referred to his state as GermanConfederation. A large Demilitarization zone was put on the border followed by heavy defences to protect each country from any kind of attack. Jaguar and Der Kaiser later negotiated and concluded in Bavaria joining the Empire again but as a more independent Kingdom.
    Ist SolarEmpire-GermanEmpire War
    Vult (General) and Teslo (General) all betrayed the GermanEmpire and joined multiple rival factions. It is unclear as to what caused the conflict but Aurium managed to bomb us as an ally of SolarEmpire. Belgium became GreatBritain with same leadership which was believed to be neutral in the conflict. This resulted in the complete devastation of the Reichstag and a war torn Germany. Other factions such as Catcolonies [citation needed] bombed our base with no prior warning. Coinz_Gamer also bombed us and was captured and jailed. We negotiated with him and he ended up joining the Empire. By this time Poprock had become a very trustworthy individual and became military police, he originally was ambassador to GermanEmpire from the faction called Mearsk. USMC under leadership of nuclear waffles helped us with supplies by landing cargo aircraft at our Airport.
    New Era once again after reset
    During this time Germany was rebuilt once again but with huge underground Bunkers with cactus farms all over the territories. Our largest colony at this era was Chile, which we called "West" which was primarily built by Pop which included an extensive Bunker system with runways and ready to fight aircraft.
    Spanish-Aurium war
    Aurium decleared war on Spain purely for the loot and the destruction of Australia (Spain's base) the leader of ImtotalyHuman along with HTML_man have been our greatest allies through months of diplomatic chaos and wars through the world. We pledged to help since we were "allies" with aurium we were relaying their ally communications directly to human and it greatly helped in Spain's defence but ultimately the base fell and was bombed to ruins.
    Ending of another era
    StoneColdAJ, a good member of the GermanEmpire in the days of Belgium, created a faction called USMC, by this time the old USMC created by Nuke was no longer active. He and his members found our west outpost and claimed it, resulting in a huge amounts of political fights over who was to blame and what to do about it. But then of course the world reset to a bigger map.
    Building Germany in a smart way
    Of course with the old claims gone and complete reset of map the USMC conflict was resolved. Germany apparently grew slowly in this phase because greater importance was given to underground bunkers. Above ground structures did how ever started to be built, and huge underground cactus farms made Germany rich again, rich enough to strike with POWER!...
    NATO vs USMC/SolarEmpire
    Through the weeks leading to this war, Gat who had started his own faction and now focused on ranking up warned me repeatedly that USMC SolarEmpire and Aurium were working together to strike NATO allies after the bombing of london by Hungary. Germany's space program was at its highest with a medium sized space station over the baltic sea serving as a strategic area for reconnaissance. After enough warnings from gat, increased hostility between USMC/SolarEmpire and Nato nations, and the sudden destruction of our space stationby USMC members after an alleged German attack on USMC's base following the rumors that the enemy nations were going to violate the cease fire anyways. The whole situation was extreamly confusing but war has started anyways and could not be stoped. We carefuly planed a massive NATO attack on both USMC and SolarEmpire using all of the member nation's equipment as well has new BRD. The plan was put into action and a huge fleet was assembled comprising of: 1 British ship5 Aircraft Carrier carrying a total of 20 f-22's, 1 BRD dstroyer, 1 Imperial German Destroyer with two tanks designed to be landed on the African coast, and a Spanish Bomber. Every ship got into position, our destroyer unloaded our tanks commanded by General Jaguar, the planes flew off from the carrier, and the Spanish bombers all rushed toward SolarEmpire and USMC, SolarEmpire's base was heavily bombed and most valuables were completely destroyed. USMC's base was approached by all sides including infantry. Fierce resistance was met as Aurium, SolarEmpire, and USMC forces struggled to defend the base. It was heavily bombed and the bunker was breached open, chests and other valuables were looted with AA guns and cannon explosions. The culmination of 48 hours of planning has payed off with the successful destruction of key enemy strategic equipment and supplies as well as their capital. By far this has been our most successful war. Later after another rollback, and the addition of the towny plugin it was discovered that Gat had manipulated both USMC and GermanEmpire to thinking that we were going to launch a preventive strike against each other. Faced with this realization after discussing with USMC leaders we decided to form an alliance and destroy Gatraf that has caused the destruction of two great Nations. SolarEmpire fell into inactivity and Aurium was forgotten.
    German growth and implementation of national goals and organization
    Due to the nature of the towny plugin, it made it posible for Germany cities to be structured in such a way that they function like actual cities with property ownership. A fort was constructed in every province and GermanEmpire comprised of the following provinces: Berlin, Bonn, Bavaria, Pomerania, West Prussia, and Silesia.
    Reset and the implementation of Perma-Towns
    It was announced that all towns and world will be wiped clean for a new Perma-Town idea with elected Leaders.
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    German Reich era ( 8/x/17 - today )
    I quickly ran for Leadership of Germany and was successfully elected in as the Fuhrer of Germany in overwhelming support. The official name of the nation was a slight change from German Empire to German Reich to accommodate for a more fitting era since the perma-towns are based in WW2 countries. The German Reich is a direct continuation of the German Empire in all respects, it has almost exactly the same leadership, ranks, and the same style of construction.
    Growth and Expansion
    German Reich expanded to claim Poland and Northern France as strategic territories for attacking enemy nations and annexed parts of Poland into the Reich. A massive runway was constructed right in front of the capital building. Factories to create tanks were made and rolling out tanks efficiently. Our Naval capacity was greatly increased and we even had Camkam as Admiral of the navy with his ship5 Bismarck. Our Luftwaffe grew tremendously.
    A Prison was also built but was rather useless. Adventure of the Soviet Union was frequently claiming that the wall we had built to stop the Soviets, was supposedly too close to their Capital which they were wrong because at the time I had build that wall it was very far from their capital, but Moscow expanded later and then claimed that i built this too close which was unfair because I built that wall before Moscow was even constructed. The wall was unclaimed by staff members and dstroyed, however we resulted in building another more better defined wall 3 or 4 chunks behind the old one with direct access to Berlin through road.
    War and destruction
    War broke out without warning on a Saturday, which the Fuhrer CreeperHate is usually very busy on weekends. The luftwaffe did however succeed in bombing London and achieving sustained attacks on America's capital through infantry attacks which I later participated in. Moscow was obliterated by Japanese bombers and the war only lasted a few hours. Following this war staff decided that this was not the way to do things and issued yet again another reset since aparently the world map was the small one and major changes to country rules had been accomplished.
    Modern Era 8/x/17 - Today
    Following the reset, came a restructuring of the ranks inside the Wehrmacht and construction on airports and docks were quickly initiated. Since this world was 4 times bigger, the staff team had come up with the idea of having ship spawners in every countries docks. This was extreamly useful and still used today frequently. This meant that the Kriegsmarine quickly grew to having up to 8 ships at a time. Initially Berlin had been planed in a hurry and not much consideration had been given to the placement of buildings and airports, this resulted in a not so orderly look. A massive hangar and airport were built on what used to be a harbor and many planes were flown in from Italy. The capital was now a large office building with massive bomb shield on top held up by 4 massive columns. In Pomerania, a huge airfield was constructed with hangar and a large runway with sufficient space for parking many HE-111 bombers. Many of them were flown in and landed resulting in a bomber fleet of up to 6-8 bombers and 4-5 fighters in total arsenal.
    Soviet-German War 9/7/17 - 9/8/17
    War was declared by the Fuhrer CreeperHate on the Soviet Union due to them not accepting the non-aggression pact that we had proposed which America happily accepted. This rejection was seen as a sign of disrespect and they had been treating us as hostile while insulting us and sending aggressive scouts at Berlin. The boiling point had been reached, and war was declared. Due to the nature of the rules, the war was supposed to be only 24 hours and 72 hours after the declaration of war. By this time Germany had the largest most extensive buildings and structures of any nation on the planet. The Soviet Union however had only 1 wooden house and their staff-made airfield. When the moment of the war was reached, the Soviets had tripled their active population due to immigration from America and the awakening of inactive members. Germany had little members online at the time and we were caught off guard. The exact time of the war was decided by the head Admin Our lord and saviour Our lord and saviour sidewalk, which may or may not have skewed the war in the Soviet Union's favor. The Soviets were already inside the country before the war was even started and stormed Berlin with grenades and sub machine guns. A couple of Soviets were killed by the valiant few who stayed to defend Berlin. Der Fuhrer was preparing He-111 Bombers from the Pomerania airfield along with 1 or 2 other members such as Darth and Tan and we flew toward Moscow. Upon arriving our plane was deleted and we died with all our expensive gear due to Side not removing the Soviet's safe region, we were then spammed by soviets saying "you got what you wanted" even though this was a staff mistake(?) that had nothing to do with Soviet forces. We wasted more money on equipment and later flew a second HE-111 which made it to Moscow but was shot down by a patrolling soviet fighter. Meanwhile the Soviets were bombing Berlin and I CreeperHate took off a BF-109 but by the time i reached the certain altitude they were gone. Japanese forces in command by Marshall Zuper went to Moscow and started to snipe the Soviets forces one by one. I and Tanboy went on to help and killed a few soviets, in total we had eliminated dozens of them. Many of them were teleporting away as we were about to kill them and Toh the soviet trainer moved almost all Axis forces to spawn (and smited a few?) because we were apparently spawn killing them. I was left to spare by accident and tped axis soldiers in againt and destroyed their wooden house, set parts of the forest on fire, and wreaked havoc on the Soviet capital. At the end of the day, the Soviets were boasting in arrogance with their supposed Victory over Germany as they showed pictures of bombed Berlin completely ignoring the fact that since they had almost no buildings we can't show more amounts of damage. They also stated that our attacks on Moscow were spawn killing. Der Fuhrer was outraged and commenced a giant verbal fight for justice seeking to speak the truth. Thankfully there was no clear winner officially announced, and the war only proved that the lazy soviets spent no time to build anything and only became active on the server to bomb Berlin.
    Reconstruction and the start of a new Reich
    On Jag's proposal it was accepted that Berlin be completely renovated, so a rape tank was used to completely destroy the existing damaged buildings and created a nice flat ground to start New Berlin. The plan was to load the scheme for the Pomerania airfield and build New Berlin on the idea of "Welthauptstadt Germania" which Jag and I were thinking of. The builders for this new Berlin are Jag, Double, Itsmurio, and Me Fuhrer CreeperHate. When finished, it would be the Largest, most grandest Capital in the entire world complete with impressively wide avenues, towering monuments and Huge Eagle statues.
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    Heh! Nice stories, though I did notice some flaws.

    Such as the Soviet war, we did win, like it or not :).

    Our entire base was repaired in under 30 minutes after the raid was over, so I mean, there was nothing to show other than a destroyed Berlin.

    Nice story though, really enjoyed hearing about the faction.
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    Pengu and spud came, Pengu and spud nuked, Spud got blamed for it and Pengu went along then German empire didn't exist the end
  7. Adventure117217

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    I mean, nothing glorious happened militarily.

    Actually, I take that back.

    You guys did manage to fit 14 gears on a tank, 13 for reverse and 1 forward in case STI got behind you.
  8. Kaiser CreeperHate

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    Very original, though I believe it was a French invention.
  9. Adventure117217

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    That you perfectly copied, oui.
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    I miss the empire, if only we didnt surrender.
  11. gatraf

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    Meh, your empire oives on in EUR, which now will be UFP
  12. Jaguar36703

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    U E R not E U R
  13. LCB0612

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    History will repeat itself
  14. Adventure117217

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    I think it's time you learned the truth, Creeperhate. ;)
  15. Jaguar36703

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    Im not even mad about this but I wanna know why on the next video it had a little boy wearing a bra talking to a cop.....
    Btw the date reads August 17 2017, this was about the time I was rebelling from GE so meh.
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    Lol yeah, it was a joke.

    About the bra thingy, I have no fuckin' idea.
  17. Vulture4117

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    Probably in his recommended list, which means that he's watched videos like that in the past.
    lmao didnt know you could bypass the filter like that
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    (PST. I don't mean to be rude but in the Soviet-German war, where is the...
    Where you made 7+ forum post trying to ban all the high ranking members of the USSR which failed miserably and resulted in the death of Berlin in a couple of weeks afterwards.
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