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I'm off for a bit.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by imtotallyhuman, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. imtotallyhuman

    imtotallyhuman Forum Ensign

    Hi guys, sorry for the short notice but I'd just like to let everyone know that I've been scheduled for a heart valve surgery in a week from now and I'm going to try to spend this week with friends and family as much as possible, as I'll be gone 4-5 weeks in recovery time, I hope to be back soon but who knows what'll happen.
    anyways, goodbye guys.
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  2. Drake_Burping

    Drake_Burping Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    See you later totally
  3. gatraf

    gatraf Forum Admiral

    Sad to hear that. If something would happen tho, please tell us if you will leave us or not. It would be horrible not knowing if you just left or... Anyways hope you get better and find some time to have fun on the server. -gatraf
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  4. Wipe_0ut

    Wipe_0ut Trainer Staff Member Trainer

    I'll be praying for ya buddy :D Stay safe and come back to us soon.
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  5. LCB0612

    LCB0612 Forum R. Admiral+

    God I'm sorry man. I hope all goes well and you recover quickly. Keep God close.

    On the bright side, besides getting better the best thing about surgery is the painkillers. :D
  6. Wrangler

    Wrangler Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    We'll be waiting trying keep the server going while you recover. Take your time to recover. I hope you feel better.
  7. gatraf

    gatraf Forum Admiral

    He died?
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  8. LCB0612

    LCB0612 Forum R. Admiral+

    No he is just doing something else he's not dead though
  9. cowssszzzz111

    cowssszzzz111 Forum Cpt

  10. Vulture4117

    Vulture4117 Forum Admiral

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  11. Ene

    Ene Forum Ensign

    Get well soon, all the best to you human. Make sure to fully recover
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  12. Nuclear_Wafflez

    Nuclear_Wafflez Forum Lt. JG

    Hey human.. I play now and I seriously miss you I think about you whenever I play, please play again and I hope your surgery was good. -Wafflez

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