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Low Priority KekTheNormie's Saltiness

Discussion in 'Player Reports/Complaints' started by WILLYBABA, May 10, 2018.


    WILLYBABA Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    Name of Offender: KekTheNormie

    Date of Offense: Approx 8:27 PM (Eastern Time) 25/10/2018

    Offense Committed: Being salty and cursing player off.

    Explanation: Kek was telling new members to "Tarnation off" and telling members who were warning me and fellow members to "fucc off" and calling people Flamboyant entities.

    Members Online: dogpig777, Menacingolive, Archonslayer

    There were no staff members online.

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  2. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Master

    Player disrespect is illegal but cursing isn't
    Anyways I don't see proof other than an argument trying to get to admit that he did, but whatev.
  3. Vulture4117

    Vulture4117 Forum Admiral

    Seems like the server is getting emptier, probably because of the update

    I might add that you forgot to list yourself as an online player
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  4. Vulture4117

    Vulture4117 Forum Admiral

    It just occured to me that, by telling them to fu.ck off, Kek gave the new players some actually good life advice
  5. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

    Also "antitheism" joined 7hours ago and when he was annoying around, i said Oh Solmex the traitor and he answered with OH YOU *wink*.
    No screenshots available no chat logs available
    because discord global works FINE.
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    WILLYBABA Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    This is my first time reporting someone and I promise you that he was. Ask dogpig.
  7. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

    NavalClash gets each day more and more toxic. Meanwhile were losing players but getting weird noobs
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    WILLYBABA Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    Yep 666% tru
  9. cowssszzzz111

    cowssszzzz111 Forum Cpt

    We need to pull together become what we were
  10. Vulture4117

    Vulture4117 Forum Admiral

    There is a simple solution to almost all of NavalClash's current problems. Can you guess what it is?
  11. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

    I GUESS ITS A 7.5 step solution
    • Readd doc into staffgroup *cough* staffTEAM *cough*
    • Let doc work for the players
    • Lets convince the highest high staff of high command in NavalClash to remove the biggest update or downdate (whatever u call it) NC has ever seen!
    • Fix Flummery
    • Improve staffTEAM if not already done in step-1
    • Add permafactions-likely custom map battles with a goal or storyline
    • Maybe tell the community that staff removes them again because someones complaining*UUUUUGGGGGHGGGHGHGGGGHHH*"this ideas so horrible we can't even ship battle because LITERALLy everyone's doing those mapplotbattleswithnicebackgroundandrewards AND MEANWHILE THEY ARE RANKING UP!!!! AAAAAARGH -wait- i should stop now and play that nice idea to have nice experience before I'm 18.
    • Shutdown NBZ

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