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Mdesti wrongful ban

Discussion in 'Punishment Appeals' started by mdesti, Aug 8, 2018.

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  1. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    IGN: Mdesti

    The type of punishment: Ban

    Duration of the punishment: 5 days

    When the event occurred (approximately): August 8th

    The reason given for your punishment: base kami

    Why you believe the punishment was unfair:

    Well the punishment was not unfair it was unjust, me and Alegner flew to an airport to bomb it. I am terrible at flying so I ether hire a pilot or force Alegner to fly (he is almost worse then me). We were about half way into bombing the airfield when the plane crashed ON ACCIDENT. Alegner is a great player but not a good pilot and we still had around 50 bombs to drop when we crashed.

    So then a day later players such a camkam and nuclear were ignoring the fact I was not flying in order to get me banned. In come yachtman a new mod who did a very poor investigation of what happened. He did not talk to me or Alegner the two players on the plane he simply saw the plane was mine and banned me for five days. A major flaw was not talking to me or alegner or asking the most important question, who was flying? This is a question both me or alegner could of answered and of course the whole plane crash as accidental. Now this is a mistake a new staff member will make (i guess) but where it got really bad is when I tried to reach out to yacht to explain his mistake and show him the proof that it was not me flying. In response he did not even comment once about the proof I showed but INSTEAD threaten to ban me from discord and extend my ban in game. This is when I felt yacht should be punished, wrongfully banning a player in the first place is bad enough, not doing a real investigation is worse enough but then having the opportunity to fix his mistake and see the proof he overlooked could undo his mistakes but instead he does not look at the proof he missed (as alegner discussed he was flying legit right in chat when this ban happened) but he threatens to BAN me on discord EXTEND my ban in game and then BLOCKS me on discord. Asides from creating a whole appeal for this wrongful ban I thought showing the person who banned me the full picture would be a quick fix and I honestly expected to be unbanned and received an apology I was surprised of his response. From start to finish this ban was wrong and damaging and I hope no player has to go through this because it is frustrating beyond belief.

    Camkam has been a major factor in all this has he does not like me but he has threatened me (look at screens) and harassed me all the time. He uses the excuse those threats are sarcastic but there is no excusing them on top of him harassing and trying to get me banned for unjust reasons. What he does is he starts a fight then mid way through stops and calls harassment and hopes to get me banned. He has nothing to do with the base kami knew no info but he was sending screens to staff members pushing and pushing to get me banned. After I got banned he even started messaging me in discord, his harassment is over the top.(screens) Even going as far as bypassing my /ignore to bug me by using discord message in global chat so I can see his toxic messages. (screens) Also he bypasses my ignores by getting other players to relay his messages to me. (screens). If this is not the sole definition of harassment I don't know what is. I have done /ignore but his toxicity still effects me clearly. The difference between anyone else and Cam is he does not seek his revenge through in game means he seeks revenge by trying to get players he doesnt like banned by any means and by harassing them. Cam has been banned TWICE in the last month for REAL reasons and the most recent one 11 DAYS AGO for toxicity and harassment, he has not learned his lesson and deserves a ban.

    *The first screen is alegner explaining the truth that he is a very bad pilot this plane crash was an accident
    *The second and third is the convo with yachtman, The second being his threat to ban me for showing him proof the Third showing his poor investigation and decision for why the ban occurred

    *The fourth being the proof I sent him and I offered more proof

    *5th and 6th screens camkam

    *7th screenshot him bypassing my ignore to try to fight with me

    *8th screen is cam getting pop to talk for him to bypass my ignore

    Me asking Alegner about if he crashed on accdient

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » wtf
    [W-2 CWO2] ALegner » i am a bad pilot ok ok
    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » mdesti how do u crash 2 days in a row mdestiToday at 6:05 PM
    ME: like hes a bad pilot EXATCLY NavalClash BotBOT
    Today at 6:06 PM [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » u dont bomb at altitude 5 [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » u dont bomb at altitude 5 mdesti
    ME: Today at 6:06 PM ober was flying!#%^&@* omg
    Today at 6:06 PM [W-2 CWO2] ALegner » fine i cant fly like 1k blocks without crashin

    I have more evidence if needed and btw side said INCLUDE ALL info on this appeal so I did. I still have more if needed

    PS: The talk about Ober flying was another raid we did which nuclear was trying to get me banned for saying i was flying.. again but like i said I hired pilots and Ober was pilot and we didnt even crash into a base but into a mountain just to clear that up

    Staff members (and players) involved: Yachtman, camkam

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  2. Nuclear_Wafflez

    Nuclear_Wafflez Forum Lt. JG

    Mdesti don’t drag me in to this, I actually told Romo I miss you and that I’m sorry even though I didn’t do much, I didn’t try to get you banned but I’m sorry can’t wait for you to be back!
  3. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    I just mentioned ur name a bit because you were advocating for my wrongful ban but I didnt put it in the official place its only "Staff members (and players) involved: Yachtman, camkam"
    Ur a cock sometimes but I still like you
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  4. Pim2407

    Pim2407 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    thats a bit late now... Anyways seeing all this i think yachman was to impulsive, and u should be unbanned, and camkam should be banned since the last time we unbanned him he swore he wouldnt be all toxic again
  5. Tohryn

    Tohryn Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I'll accept the appeal, but you're on parole my friend. I've had a lot of people (not just Camkam) complain about you in the past, so I'll unban you on the condition I won't have people DM'ing me about your behavior within the next hour. Welcome back Mdesti.
  6. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    Okay but keep in my mind the "reports" are from people who dont like me and want me banned, I never break the rules and the only time im fighting is to my defend myself. I would love to see screens if I ever do anything wrong but nonetheless thank you for accepting my appeal
  7. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    A report is being
    A massive report being made with 3 witness screenshots and much more against the abusive and sleeping staff on this server who do not perform their job right but instead pander to popular opinion asides from facts and logic. The staff under question is for sure yachtman whom is an abusive, disrespectful and unjust mod who has a reputation not even just here but on IS as a abusive staffer. As well as Tohryn whom seems to be diluted in his thought and logic by not doing investigations in "reports" he receives but he allows himself to be used as a tool to ban players that are not liked by secretions of the community. With these "reports" he sees he legit does not do the most BASIC principle of staffing which is getting both sides of the story so you can make an informed decision on the legitimacy of these reports. It is a joke and I do not understand how this is possible staffing is something that requires structure and procedure which this server lacks. This abuse of power and lack of effort is ruining my gaming experience here and I am sure the powers to be will see what I mean by this when they receive my full report . The logic of both of these staff have to be brought into question as it is beyond me how they can possibly think they are doing the right thing.

    I have been banned two times in two days for WRONGFUL reasons which I have proof of course for both but I will not appeal this ban instead I will fight to get justice for the wrong doing of the staff and I will be applying for staff myself to show others how staffing and the standard of what it means to be a staff for NC should be. I will do everything within my power to make sure all staff that do not uphold their duty in a proper way will be exposed and hopefully punished because the level of toxicity of this server is beyond what ive ever seen and some people say I am toxic well that couldnt be father from the truth toxic players ATTACK people START fights. I do not do ether of these I am usually the victim of verbal attacks and I will defend myself, so if you dont see how a fight starts you might think wow im toxic but being toxic is starting fights and harassing people.

    It is so EASY to report people on this server i can take out of context screens get my friends to do the same and boom 4 reports that are BS of one player to make him look bad. If the staff do not have the effort or desire to look into this reports they should not hold their position. Is that wrong to say? If you have 4 friends on the server and you want ONE player banend is in PRESENT NC you can get them banend because of SOME of the staff no matter if the person has actually done anything wrong, I will be spending the time I am banned to launch a full investigation and report of all Staff activities and behaviours. EACH AND EVERY REPORT should follow the same steps WHEN BEING INVESTIGATED WITH FULL EFFORT. Will doing this make me more popular, nope but is it the right thing to do? 100% YES

    Please understand this is NOT personal for the staff within my final report but this is to better all members on this server as this week its me being falsely banned and reported the next it could be you and so on. STaff or not I will look out for the best interest of the server and allow players to play the style they want without being falsely banned
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  8. camkam

    camkam Forum Lt.

    Sounds like backseat moderating ¯\_(ツ)_/¯[​IMG]
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