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Low Priority Message for Droopy our supreme leader and staff

Discussion in 'Player Reports/Complaints' started by TheJustReaper, Aug 10, 2018.

Is the server going downhill because of Staff's failure to act?

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  1. TheJustReaper

    TheJustReaper Forum Ensign

    What does it take to get you staff to do your job and actually look into a case instead of not seeing past your own noses? You are so bias towards your own ideas that anything that stands in your way you will automatically deem "Ban worthy"...... As for you Droopy our supreme leader, you're no supreme leader.... you barely even show up and at least show us you still care about the server. You Droopy our supreme leader have let the server get so out of hand that you indirectly are driving people away because of your failure to act! You are failing everything you've started here! If you Droopy our supreme leader can't respond to this yourself, then let this stand as proof to all that YOU.... have abandoned everything you've worked for and are not worthy of being called "supreme leader"...... think on that.....

    This message excludes iiz, pim and Wrangler
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  2. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    What does it take to get you staff to do your job and actually look into a case instead of not seeing past your own noses? You are so bias towards your own ideas that anything that stands in your way you will automatically deem "Ban worthy".

    I think you hit it on the head with the staff, I casted a complaint on Toh and yacht and on a complaint post ABOUT HIM he closed it himself and he tried dicated what the issue was even though I am the one writing the report and closed the forum post. He completely negated the facts right in front of him and made such ignorant statements my head was spinning. Even saying he will extend my ban... for reporting him I mean he is proving himself wrong. There must be changes to staff or retraining or something because the level of toxicity arrogance and ignorance from staff is destroying this server. This server has some of the most unprofessional staff ive ever seen

    I think no matter your faction or relation to each other there is an objective truth which is this server can be a lot better then it is, more popular then it is and have less toxicity
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  3. StewieCman

    StewieCman Forum Admiral

    This is.. What one Calls. pathetic.

    You being so angry over a Literally 1 Day ban has made me as a Player not as a Staff member, Find you guys pathetic by trying to do this, The fact you are willing to go so far as to Flat out be Saying "Oh I hate these staff because They're Punishing me for something i did"

    Seriously, The Fact You Go this far to get pissed at a Minecraft Server, A god damn Minecraft Server. Look at me, I'm staff, but i don't take this game as serious as a national catastrophe as you two seem to do.
  4. TheJustReaper

    TheJustReaper Forum Ensign

    I'll say this much Stew, I'm not angry because of some ban, I'm angry because people come to the server to play and have fun, not get bullied and cussed out. Please stew... tell me i'm wrong.
  5. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    You prove us right every time you talk... you show how ignorant you are this is not about being banned for a day I was going to post my report either way because im sick of it? your pathetic if you cant see the point is the bans and how they are decided are very poor, lazy and not right. I am banned for ONE day why do you think I posted a report asides from a appeal? Like are you honestly that ignorant to ignore all the proof I posted and see there is bad staffing in NC.. you are terribly mistaken it could have been a 2 minute ban its the PRINCIPAL of how bans are conducted how staff conducts themselves its just a joke and when staff keep replying their answers keep proving my point!

    when did i ever say "Oh I hate these staff because They're Punishing me for something i did" like now your just making stuff up?

    Maybe if you took your staffing job more seriously players wouldn't be complaining like you are proving us right but what you are saying? We love this server we want it to do well and just because you do not care doesnt mean we cant.
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  6. TheJustReaper

    TheJustReaper Forum Ensign

    Well said...
  7. StewieCman

    StewieCman Forum Admiral

    I'll say this Right Now, I'm More so primed and aimed at you mdesti (not you Reaper), as we do know you have a RP grinding Ship, So Your ban wasn't completely uncalled for...

    I'm done now, You guys can Complain and Spout off about a MC Server for as long as your lungs can scream it.
  8. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    LOL what an RP grinding Ship!?!?! like are you just making this stuff up I havnt ranked up in two weeks?! I used mdestis sub before and EVERYONE say me sink other people?!?! I havnt sailed in so long LOL This is getting out of hand your grasping for straws WTF are you talking about!!! My ban reason has changed 4 times LOL my ban is so uncalled for and all the proof is there to see!! Ive never heard of an RP grinding ship THIS is what I mean my god it is truly pathetic. your legitimately making stuff up as you go this is beyond belief I got banned for this
    [Admin] Tohryn » Kami, pick fights, whatever. I don't care too much, insulting my team is where I draw the line.
    SAID by the man who banned me right when he banned me and as I showed all was false
  9. TheJustReaper

    TheJustReaper Forum Ensign

    I don't know nothing about RP grinding or any of that, my purpose is to make known just how bad the server's toxicity is getting.
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  10. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    Reaper im legit going to go crazy ive never heard once about an RP grinding ship... my RP and rank has changed in weeks this is so ignorant its borderline illegal LOL its proof who ever is feeding you this BS info ( if your not making it up) Is making things up to get me banned and u guys dont have the effort to look into all these false claims and reports its sickening
  11. StewieCman

    StewieCman Forum Admiral

    Then what's your giant obby box ship5? o_O

    I leave you with that
  12. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

  13. camkam

    camkam Forum Lt.

    Mighty words for someone who was spamming the discord asking for Our lord and saviour sidewalk to ban, and also someone who is a staple of the communitys new found toxicity :)
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  14. camkam

    camkam Forum Lt.

    they can sink it with torpedos, but also box ships are illegal
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  15. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    LOL just leave cam everything you post is so irrelevant and your the most toxic being alive and i have a lot of proof of that
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  16. TheJustReaper

    TheJustReaper Forum Ensign

    Your point is cam?
  17. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    there is not a sighn on it its not a ship NARU was just making a village inside LOL grasp at straws but what an ignorant statement from stewie my bad. that thing couldnt even sailed if we tried? like always you provide nothing of substance or relevance so just go
  18. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    [Helper] StewieCman » My God

    [Helper] StewieCman » he denies

    [Helper] StewieCman » The RP Ship

    ^ like your ignorance is unbelievable GO INSIDE SEE WHATS INSIDE

    [Admin] Tohryn » He needs to be taught that no matter how much he whines that wont get him his way

    [Admin] Tohryn » if he was willing to compromise, sure

    [Admin] Tohryn » but he isnt

    ^ignorance is so annoying my GOD stop proving my point!! IDC about my ban ban for me an extra day! LIKE ITS ABOUT HOW YOU AND OTHER CONDUCT YOUR BANS. I HAVE PROVIDED LOADS OF PROOF OF JUST WRONG DOING BY STAFF AND YOU HAVNT COMMENTED ONCE ON IT

    THIS IS MADNESS DOES ANYONE READ WHAT I WRITE?! LOL THIS IS ABOUT HOW BAD YOU GUYS ARE AT YOUR JOB! WTF R U TALKING ABOUT IN CHAT LOL!! "willing to compromise" like what?! Im reporting your but for corruption abuse and just plain poor staffing and you still dont get it ??!!?
  19. Tohryn

    Tohryn Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I think this interaction sums it up pretty well.
    The Decision is Final.
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