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Miniguns/machine guns

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nuclear_Wafflez, Sep 17, 2018.

Do you want miniguns?

  1. Yes let’s brrt

    4 vote(s)
  2. No

    2 vote(s)
  1. Nuclear_Wafflez

    Nuclear_Wafflez Forum Lt. JG

    Hey mates, ever be riding in your Huey? Or A-10 and being like... dang dude I wish I could BRRRT right now... but all you have is an AA Gun... well I have the same problem, I think miniguns should be added so you can have a more realistic gameplay, it should be like an AA Gun but it’s 400 dollars and has a 50% chance of breaking clay
  2. MythicalWraith

    MythicalWraith Forum R. Admiral

    pussy a5s not having a autoclicker set to 0ms. lmfao
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  3. unstopable777

    unstopable777 Forum Ensign

    I don’t know what you’re talking about...
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  4. Sterrs

    Sterrs Forum Ensign

    50% chance of destroying clay? Even with the current AA-Gun firing rate, 50% chance of breaking clay is overpowered. You can literally rape the side of a clay ship with that. Ex: firing 100 shots destroys 50 blocks on a ship on average. Yes, I said ship because many ships on this server contain clay as a building material.

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