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NavalClash: Trench Warfare and other battles

Discussion in 'NavalClash News' started by Sidewalk, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Head Admin Staff Member Head Admin

    Hey all!
    As some of you may have noticed I recently tested out a new minigame I've been working on - Trench Warfare!

    It was tremendously successful and the playercount surged while we did it. The only game mode I've showcased so far was a sort of TDM/CTF mode on the old trench warfare map, where players could choose one of four gun load outs to use. Expect many more gamemodes with different objectives and new maps coming in the future.

    I was thinking of creating an entire subforum for discussion about battles like these, because it was actually very fun.

    In the meantime, post your thoughts down below about this new game mode and any suggestions you might have, we will be sure to consider them before moving forward with more of these games.

    Perhaps we could even have a weekly scheduled trench battle, or even allow different factions to rent out the arena to fight amongst each other or other factions. The possibilities are endless. I'll end this post by giving a summary of the only game mode that's been showcased so far.

    Map: Old NBZ Trench Map
    Teams: Navy Blue Vs Brown
    Loadouts: (all have iron armour, pistol and food)
    - Sniper, incendiaries
    - Ak47, flashbangs
    - Rpg (four total shots)
    - Shotgun, c4s
    Minimum Players:
    Win by making the enemy team die 25 times OR by capturing their flag (breaking it and bringing it back to your base) 3 times. Whichever happens first.

    All maps auto restore.

    So yeah, lets hear your thoughts!
  2. Kaiser CreeperHate

    Kaiser CreeperHate Forum Cmdr.

    France, and Britain VS. German Empire 24th September 1914 (actual permanent trench stalemate (no changing lines on western front)
  3. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Admiral

    Oh, this old map I helped build with 900 other NBZE soldiers, count me in m9.

    Oh, for an idea, I think we could have like a list of some historical battles.
  4. StewieCman

    StewieCman Forum Cmdr.

    Count me In on that!
  5. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Admiral

    *Slightly laughs in the backround at schems*
    Adventure117217Sari-Biar.schematic (WW1, Gallipoli, CTF)
    Adventure117217MountHarriet.schematic (Falklands War.) (CTF)
    Adventure117217_Wallhof.schematic (Polish-Swedish War, 1626-29) (CTF, Battle took place in 1626.)

    Now you skids know what I did with mapplots
  6. JeffKappa_Lin

    JeffKappa_Lin Forum Recruit

    Suggestion: Even though Creeper says staying in 1914 only with no changing sides is an interesting idea (Correct me if I'm wrong) I personally think the game mode should be expanded as the war continued.

    This would mean more maps with different settings, time of day, etc. (You might be wondering right now that most of the war fought in France/Belgium in a stalemate, which is true but they're way many events that happened away from the trenches. Like Gallipoli, and maybe even naval battles) New weapons could be added like the Gewehr 98, Carcano, Lebel 1886, Mosin M91, M1903, and the SMLE MK 3. Tanks/Planes, and maybe more.

    At this point I'm going a little to far ahead, but you get the idea.
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  7. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Admiral

    Well I built one Gallipoli map, and before my mapplots reset I was working on the Russian Revolution
  8. JeffKappa_Lin

    JeffKappa_Lin Forum Recruit

    Yeah, I was aware of the Gallipoli part you did.
  9. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Admiral

    Aye, My next map was going to be Battle of the Nek after dat, but updates.
  10. MrZuperTaco

    MrZuperTaco Forum Ensign

    Hey, I have an old map from 2 years back on NBZ that was basically never used.

    schem: ZuperPVPMapIdea.schematic.gz

    Take a look at it, it might work for one of these type of minigame battles.
    You're free to use it if you want, and it's fine if you don't want to use it.
  11. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Admiral

    Aye, feel free to do the same with my other 3 listed. (Oh, didn't we have a hoth map somewhere?)
  12. mineman00567

    mineman00567 Forum Ensign

    Ay nig you better give me credit for that map, I started the project back in the NBZE APEX war days. I better have some sort of statue or memorial in that map.
  13. gatraf

    gatraf Forum Vice Admiral

    Im down
  14. StewieCman

    StewieCman Forum Cmdr.

    On the Subject of weapons and Such, i could help make Accurate tanks to the time Period we would be technically fighting in, I Play a lot of BF1 and did my own Research on World War 1, I could help Make A Land crawler, Heavy Tank, Light tank, Hell, I even made the Char FCM 2C from Bf1.
    Anyways, Ask me if you need some help making the tanks shall we ever make more events like this.
  15. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Admiral

    Its important to add that these are hollow inside, you need to use w/e to fill it in or coat bedrock under it.
  16. ChristianBrent

    ChristianBrent Forum Ensign

    well since its a trench warfare map wouldnt adding sniper rifle accurasy guns with 1 shot headshot capability and making them have no scope more iteresting

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