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Ban Appeal Permanent Discord Ban

Discussion in 'Punishment Appeals' started by Adventure117217, Jul 20, 2018.

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  1. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Master

    IGN: Adventure117217 (And on Discord too)

    The type of punishment: Perma Ban

    Duration of the punishment: Forever

    When the event occurred (approximately): 7/20/2018

    The reason given for your punishment: Spamming @here (5 times) and @V_Motionless_GM

    Why you believe the punishment was unfair: What I did was immature and childish of me, and I'm sorry. However I did this to troll which was foolish and I recieved a small mute, but I kept doing it. What I did I think deserves a ban but not a permanent one. Thanks.

    Staff members (and players) involved: V_MotionlessGM and Camkam also talked a bit.
  2. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Head Admin Staff Member Head Admin

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