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Ban Appeal Poprock appealing on dis acct

Discussion in 'Punishment Appeals' started by Pharenheit, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Pharenheit

    Pharenheit Forum Recruit

    IGN: poprock19000

    The type of punishment: Ban

    Duration of the punishment:5 days

    When the event occurred (approximately): 2 days ago

    The reason given for your punishment: eat a snickers bar, take a break

    Why you believe the punishment was unfair: please unban me I was just tired of waiting for admins to respond to get my done stuff back since I had been asking for 2 months (I don't have proof but the donation logs are proof itself?) pls unban

    Staff members (and players) involved: Our lord and saviour sidewalk
  2. VIEF_Chokolatecake

    VIEF_Chokolatecake Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    he included eat a snickers bar but it wasn't the reason
    you were threatening to report the server to Mojang
    causing a fiasco in chat
    obviously there's a reason for some sort of punishment to evolve
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  3. MrZuperTaco

    MrZuperTaco Forum Cmdr.

    isn't Pharenheit your alt
  4. LCB0612

    LCB0612 Forum R. Admiral+

    Lol he has an alt? I though I was the only one allowed to have alts.

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