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Possibly coming back?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by burgerking97, May 13, 2018.

Should I come back to Naval Clash?

Poll closed May 15, 2018.
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  1. burgerking97

    burgerking97 Forum Lt.

    Alright, so it has been a little over 5 months or so since I "quit" NC. Since then I have only joined about twice, and from what i have seen in those little visits is that NC has changed a bit and actually in a good way. And I also have the urge and interest to come back and see all of my old friends and play with them again just like the good old days. So basically here is my final attempt to come back, in the poll. (Vote honestly guys :D)
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  2. MythicalWraith

    MythicalWraith Forum R. Admiral

  3. Vulture4117

    Vulture4117 Forum Admiral

    To summarize the current state of the server:

    The preloading glitch was fixed, so ships cost 5 times as much.

    We have a few outposts around spawn. You deliver cargo between these outposts to make money.

    As a result, people have completely stopped battling and now spend all their time farming money.

    This has pissed off a lot of people, so the server is now far emptier. Some players have even switched to ironse@s, which is owned by So1mex. According to side and droop, So1mex is a manifestation of Satan.

    We also have autistic people trying to defend the update, who think that flying a plane back and forth for hours on end is more fun than battling.

    So no, you shouldn't come back. NavalClash has gone to sh't.
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  4. Deported_MExican

    Deported_MExican Forum Lt. JG

    The only good thing about this update is how I think of new ways to make cheap cancer ships. But new update is crap and I your friends are probably gone
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  5. Deported_MExican

    Deported_MExican Forum Lt. JG

    I miss being able to battle cuz I dont wanna spend 20k on a nice ship to if lucky run into a boat that is 200 blocks big.
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  6. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

    Then do it.
    I'm not deciding what you will do and what not
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  7. gatraf

    gatraf Forum Admiral

    Agreed. People should just not try to seek attention, or ask how the server os, but PLAY IT THEMSELVES.
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  8. ChristianBrent

    ChristianBrent Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    if you want to make money just sink cargo ships you get money for it
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  9. Vulture4117

    Vulture4117 Forum Admiral

    It's way easier to just grab a vtol plane and deliver cargo yourself lmao
  10. burgerking97

    burgerking97 Forum Lt.

    Honestly, its not surprising that people are farming cash, but i can see why with pre-loading being fixed. And also the fact that no one battles anymore is kind of annoying, since that is like the main point of the server. And because of this i do think most of my old friends have left sadly.
  11. Stormcotton

    Stormcotton Forum R. Admiral

    The server is falling into pieces... They almost completely ruined the NBZ idea.
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  12. ItsMurio

    ItsMurio Forum Lt.

    I left out on my Roblux pussy, now I can't even go back there, I can't get it back.. I left for this server, and because of this server my life is ruined. I can't even get Minecraft pussy or an e-girl or a minecraft gf. This server has fallen into shambles since I can't even go back to what I was previously doing. NOT EVEN ANY BLOODY GIRLS ON HERE. ; - ;
  13. StewieCman

    StewieCman Forum Admiral

  14. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

  15. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

    solve your Tarnation problems in real life
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  16. gatraf

    gatraf Forum Admiral

  17. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Head Admin Staff Member Head Admin

    *complains server is empty*
    *votes he shouldn’t come back*

    paydays coming soon
  18. Wrangler

    Wrangler Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Is back. The payday.
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