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Ship spawners at bases

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Terra1, Apr 29, 2018.

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  1. Terra1

    Terra1 Forum R. Admiral

    We used to be able to make spawn signs on NBZ (it costed a million dollars for each spawner)
    It would be really nice to have that back, but costing 500k instead of a million dollars and they should only be able to spawn 1 ship per day (to balance them a bit)
  2. sharpjd

    sharpjd Forum Lt. JG

    This would be a little OP, especially if you have a relatively rich faction. I'd say that 1 million, or even more would be a fair price.
  3. Terra1

    Terra1 Forum R. Admiral

    Nobody earns 1 million, like ever.
    Maybe 500k for ship1s and ship2s, and 1 million for ship3s, ship4s, and ship5s?
  4. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Head Admin Staff Member Head Admin

    I’ve said this way too many times -
    The reasons we don’t allow this
    1. We’d have to make safedock regions, which is super unfair
    2. We’d have to make spawn regions, otherwise all vehicles would come or free
    3. Super easy to glitch in items or spam cargo ships without anyone being near
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