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Shorter safedock

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nuclear_Wafflez, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Nuclear_Wafflez

    Nuclear_Wafflez Forum Lt. JG

    guys I think the safedock is WAY too long..
    It’s like two ship3s if not two ship5 long.. I just think it should be shortened many others agree but this isn’t that important
  2. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

    May I give you a hint? "No."
  3. TheInventorMan

    TheInventorMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    I actually already did this.
    It's now about 120 blocks long (ship5s being 98 blocks long for comparison) as opposed to the old ~300 block long safedock. All safedocks are now about the same distance out, too. Eastdocks used to have an insanely long region for some reason, for example.
    So uh, thanks for the random, cynical, yet ultimately wrong thread bump, @The_11thDoctor
  4. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

    Y- No, its on Purpose
    O- Might be true, but its the reality - maybe not
    U- ultimatively wrong, rather wrong because its not the right situation, it just appears to be linked with every innovative Improvement for navalclash
    realized it?

    -No Problem my dear SupportingGROUP (yes) "member"
  5. TheInventorMan

    TheInventorMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    Doing something purposefully does not make it cease to be out of the ordinary, in-context, or - yes - any less random.
    It's very obviously not 'the reality'--by the time you had made a needless, toxic, and downright wrong reply, the thing he had asked for was already long-done, I just never got the chance to reply to the post.
    I'm sorry, but I really don't even know what this first part is supposed to mean. Saying "no" is ultimately, factually wrong, seeing how it had already been done, regardless of "situation".
    I'm guessing that "it just appears to be linked with every innovative Improvement for navalclash" is referring to a lack of things being implemented from suggestions, or something along those lines? If so, it's absolutely a legitimate criticism which I'd love to talk about more with you, but it's also probably more complicated than you think.
    Did I realize what, now?
    Is this because you're still angry about being demoted from trainer?
    You do realize that support-group is not a staff group, right? All it does is give you access to read and reply to support tickets on the Discord. The idea behind it is to give knowledgeable players who aren't staff the ability to answer basic questions for new players, it's completely separate from even being a trainer. I'd be more than happy to give you access to it (like you asked for in Discord), but first I'd ask that you stop being an edgy idiot and go about these things civilly.
  6. The_11thDoctor

    The_11thDoctor Forum Admiral

    First of all, I'm sorry for acting like a <censored>. I know it was wrong to bitch around in that excessive kind of way. Sorry to you too @Our lord and saviour sidewalk

    I just wanted to point things out which are going a kind of wrong way, In my opinion;

    • Staffteam / Supportteam
      That might be wrong, but I see it like this; Y'all are like a bunch of people, a group and not a Team, it seems you guys have not a direction where you want to go - what you want to achieve (etc.) Everyones doing their own kind of thing.
      Plus, I barely see staffmembers online, except moderators*, if I catch the rare Oppoturnity to see an Admin online, he's mostly AFK.
      * But that may be due to different Timezones
      My Idea for that: find staffers for each broad spectre of Timezone/Continent.
      So The Supportteam and The Staffteam are 2 different things?
      Who's currently an active staffmember?
      Where is Droopy our supreme leader? What happened to him?
    • Suggestions
      For what do you use the suggestions?
      I know that most of the suggestions need to be coded-in, but we dont have a coder. That's not my problem, but the Suggestions which are useful and easy to be added, are going to be ignored or not even "answered" - which happens in the majority of cases.
    • Community/Playerbase
      Currently we have an average amount of 7 players being online at the same time. (Timezones again)
      which is totally amazing: Before Sidewalks Update-fix from last weekend we had only about 3-5 players online.
      On weekends theres not really a problem, everyone has Time and we reach over 15 Players as an average.

      What I want to say is this: NavalClash needs something special!
      (remember there are like 3+ other samelooking servers..)

      Ever thought about an additional world/Gamemode like Axis VS Allies? or Playermade maps?
      Actually I suggested that several times earlier (#Ignored or just a simple "No.")
      If ya want to know more about that you can ask me or i'd open up a thread again.

      Also maybe Involve the Community more into Important decisions like with the map-voting this update.
    That should be all for now, Thank you for taking your time and trying to Improve NavalClash.
    I totally Appreciate that :)

  7. TheInventorMan

    TheInventorMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    Ah, it's alright, Mate. I'm just not gonna take anything you say seriously when you act like that, is all.

    If you mean staff-coordination on general day-to-day matters, then I agree, it has been lackluster lately, though it's not entirely absent. Wrangler especially is good at coordinating / organizing with people to do stuff. The problem is that there really aren't many staff members to begin with, so there's a soft cap on how much can actually be coordinated practically.
    If you mean development-wise though, then Side's the person who controls the overall direction of the server, so it's hard to be scattered when it's just one person (for the most part, anyhow).
    None of the admins are in your timezone, so that's probably why you mostly just see Motion sitting afk overnight, rofl. Finding staff for each timezone would be great, and it's something we've tried to do in the past, but the problem is finding good staff from each timezone, which can be surprisingly difficult.
    Yes, the support-team is just a Discord role which lets people read & respond to support tickets, staff or experienced players can be given the role. What the staff-team is should be self evident.
    Currently, the mods are Pim, Carter, and Wrang, all of which are active in their own timezones, though obviously we could use significantly more, Toh is H-mod (and frankly, less active as of late, so I don't know if you've seen him much), and Motion is the only one besides myself in the admin slot. There are (as I'm certain you're aware) currently no trainers, though it seems like Side is seeking to remedy that here soon. Speaking for myself, I'm involved with the server in at least some capacity daily. If I fail to get online the server itself, I'm almost certainly in Discord doing stuff through console or reading the Forums.
    Droopy our supreme leader's been busy at work, is all. He's not out of contact or anything--in fact I was talking to him a couple weeks ago, he's just too busy to deal with stuff on the server right now.
    You're right in that a lot of the suggestions need coding, and so the vast majority of them won't be added anytime soon, but a lot of the recent non-coding related suggestions have actually been added or taken into account for other additions. Some recent suggestions include:
    • Moving airfield closer to docks (was done in the last spawn as well as this one.)
    • Shortening the safedock regions (was done in the last spawn, though I believe Side made them longer again for the current one though, I'll have to fix that.)
    • Adding the world-map (was done.)
    • Re-adding a dynmap with no player locations or block updates (was done)
    • Lowering the cost of Kountry resourcepoints (was done, it's now 10 stone per point.)
    • Adding public chat to #global (was done.)
    • And more.
    Obviously there's always room for improvement, but player suggestions are taken into account more than most people realize. One thing in particular that we do fall short with is replying to the suggestions, but they get flooded so quickly that it's hard to keep up.
    I've actually been seeing an average of 10-20 people online during weekdays, 22-26 during weekends and other peak times (there's 23 people online as I'm writing this, actually). The fact that you're only seeing about 7 is probably also a timezone thing.

    And frankly, I don't know if we need something "special" before we simply try to improve, work on, and fix what we already have. I'd rather get all our basics completely covered before we start to look at too many additional features or gimmicks.
    It sounds like a fun idea, but I think it'd be more practical to use playermade maps and gamemodes for events, rather than permanent additions--at least right now. I'd rather not split the playerbase among a bunch of new permanent gamemodes until the server grows larger.
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