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Summer, Begins, Fallen Kingdoms arrise The darkness has slowly faded away.

Discussion in 'Server Politics' started by VIEF_Chokolatecake, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. VIEF_Chokolatecake

    VIEF_Chokolatecake Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    The new Empire of germany has been reawaken, UER has forfilled its deeds of avenging its downfall, There is nothing to be said leadership will be given to the chancellor of UER, Creeperhate best has been done to restore. This time, it would be greater.
  2. Adventure117217

    Adventure117217 Forum Master

    WB To the world GE
  3. MrZuperTaco

    MrZuperTaco Forum Cmdr.

    Fake news
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