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HIGH Priority Terrible and abusive staff PT1

Discussion in 'Player Reports/Complaints' started by mdesti, Aug 9, 2018.

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  1. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    Part ONE of my report against abusive, lazy and ignorant actions taken by staff members in NC.

    **This post is meant for side and IZZ** Please read it all

    1) Yacht and my wrongful ban, Terrible investigation and rude lazy and ignorance while PMing him the proof which shows the whole story.

    Me and Alegner flew to an airport to bomb it. I am terrible at flying so I ether hire a pilot or force Alegner to fly (he is almost worse then me). We were about half way into bombing the airfield when the plane crashed ON ACCIDENT. Alegner is a great player but not a good pilot and we still had around 50 bombs to drop when we crashed.

    So then a day later players such a camkam and nuclear were ignoring the fact I was not flying in order to get me banned. In come yachtman a new mod who did a very poor investigation of what happened. He did not talk to me or Alegner the two players on the plane he simply saw the plane was mine and banned me for five days. A major flaw was not talking to me or alegner or asking the most important question, who was flying? This is a question both me or alegner could of answered and of course the whole plane crash as accidental. Now this is a mistake a new staff member will make (i guess) but where it got really bad is when I tried to reach out to yacht to explain his mistake and show him the proof that it was not me flying. In response he did not even comment once about the proof I showed but INSTEAD threaten to ban me from discord and extend my ban in game. This is when I felt yacht should be punished, wrongfully banning a player in the first place is bad enough, not doing a real investigation is worse enough but then having the opportunity to fix his mistake and see the proof he overlooked could undo his mistakes but instead he does not look at the proof he missed (as alegner discussed he was flying legit right in chat when this ban happened) but he threatens to BAN me on discord EXTEND my ban in game and then BLOCKS me on discord. Asides from creating a whole appeal for this wrongful ban I thought showing the person who banned me the full picture would be a quick fix and I honestly expected to be unbanned and received an apology I was surprised of his response. From start to finish this ban was wrong and damaging and I hope no player has to go through this because it is frustrating beyond belief.

    So what do we see from this? A staff member that took a report and did not perform his job with any sort of care or effort, did not talk to both parties involved and this resulted into a wrongful ban of myself. Note his behavior in the PMS when being shown the proof he already should of got himself he threatened me, said whatever I had to say or show was BS and blocked me. This is hard proof of just terrible staffing.

    2) After being unbanned from my unjsut ban i was yet again banned for probably a worse reason. If you think the first ban was bad wait till you see this.

    Ban reason: [Admin] Tohryn » Kami, pick fights, whatever. I don't care too much, insulting my team is where I draw the line.

    It gets worse trust me, first off he wasnt even the server and saw the the end of the argument and sent this message without even looking into it. He even uses the words "I don't care too much" Like what type of staff would say that, when banning anyone you better care a lot you better put the effort in to make sure your doing the right thing.

    His reasons, Kami: Um where is the logic? He was the one WHO UNBANNED me from my wrongful kami ban so he clearly has seen the proof that I did not KAMI. WHY would he state that as a reason? Does that even make sense? No of course it doesnt

    Reason two: PICKING FIGHTS: Of course in both bans the staff PUT ZERO effort in conducting an investigation as I did not start the fight. I have posted the whole transcript which clearly shows darth and nuclear being the two who started the fight and as you will see I say nothing toxic and try to defuse this situation and be left alone, as does TheReaper as he was being attacked. So yet again a false reason

    REASON THREE: probably the funniest one is insulting staff as you will see the staff he is refering to is Yacht WHO ONLY AFTER A DAY OF FASLEY BANNING ME is actually IN the fight and an aggresor within the fight and is throwing insults and being probably the second most toxic within this fight. THATS right a staff member is not BREAKING UP fights but instead fueling and proloning them. As you will see I plead with him to stop the fight and his response is just a complete joke. The insult he refers to me saying is "yacht idk how u become mod" Which one is not an insult and a serious question because he fasley banned me the day before, was rude af and didnt do his job when I pmed him and THEN joins in a fight against me instead of breaking it up .

    Tohyran did not do an investergation at all named THREE REASONS to ban me which were all FALSE and he could of realized this if he read the logs: It might be a bit Long but this what must be done to ensure proper bans are given and justice is brought to victims of STAFF ABUSE
    Here they are judge for yourself, Keep in mind the actions of the MOD in the situation and who started the fight

    Ive also attached screens of the PM with yacht after falsey banning me his reaction to me sending him the proof, this concerning the first issue

    Keep me banned for the day idc what matter is these admins get punished and a new standard of what it means to be staff is set. More to come

    W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » back

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » up

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » Why is it a problem I sold stuff to mdesti

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » because

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » mdesti is faggo

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » he'll use

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » it

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » against me

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » mdesti takes credit

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » and that

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » mdesti takes credit

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » he claims its his

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » My buisness, not yours

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » wtf

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » no i dont

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » even though he doesnt have one thing thats build by him

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » tallon waht island is this

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » how many times did i say romo made that ac130

    [E-9 MCPON] Tallonboy2005 » thats the chain of islands, alaskan coast

    [Moderator] LilYachty » TheJustReaper

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » Darth, It's my buisness, not yours DEAL WITH IT

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » rofl ok

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » lmao

    [Moderator] LilYachty » lmao

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » see yacht i told you hed respond like this

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » honestly darth get something better to do

    [Moderator] LilYachty » its just a Tarnation game

    [Moderator] LilYachty » rofl

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » mdesti i actually am doing something

    [Moderator] LilYachty » same with you mdesti

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » im building my own build

    [E-9 MCPON] Tallonboy2005 » Nuc

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » ya, and it's my channel advertisement

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » ?

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » what yachty....

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » deal

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » with

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » it

    [E-9 MCPON] Tallonboy2005 » Can you see the draft of my ship?

    [Moderator] LilYachty » you play here more than darth, tbh

    [E-9 MCPO] Archonslayer » see i didnt hit Flummery wafflez

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » no

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » ?

    [Moderator] LilYachty » Tarnation hipocrite

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » no?

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » whats ur point...?

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » arch i repaired it so

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » r u good bro?

    :heavy_minus_sign: [W-5 CWO5] AceHellcat left the server

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » wait

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » does he

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » ur not making sense

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » lol

    [Moderator] LilYachty » "Get something better to do"

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » i think he does

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » i mean in game....

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » like really LMAO

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » im building my own build

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » omg

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » unlike you

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » lmao

    [E-9 MCPON] Tallonboy2005 » Can you check the draft of my ship Nuc?

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » any1 selling dirt

    :heavy_plus_sign: [E-6 PO1] AdmiralBlin joined the server

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » cant tallon

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » any1 selling dirt

    [E-9 MCPO] Archonslayer » kekree

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » darth as u can tell idc

    [W-2 CWO2] ALegner » lol

    [Moderator] LilYachty » mao

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » yacht

    [Moderator] LilYachty » lmao*

    [E-9 MCPO] Archonslayer » waffle wanna see me jack all the aircraft here

    [Moderator] LilYachty » ?

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » wanna go over his plots

    [W-2 CWO2] ALegner » someone bough pumpkins for 10k

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » and find one thing

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » built by him

    [Moderator] LilYachty » lmao nrn but later

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » k

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » darth i dont think anyone cares but u

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » Darth, get a life and stop picking unessesary fights

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » i think yacht does

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » LOL

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » honestly

    [Moderator] LilYachty » not true in the least

    NavalClash BotBOTToday at 8:00 PM

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » and i think reaper does because he's getting so offended

    [Moderator] LilYachty » tbh ye

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » darth ur just very very inmature

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » inmature

    [Moderator] LilYachty » LMAFO

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » tf

    :heavy_plus_sign: [W-3 CWO3] JeffKappa_lin joined the server

    [Moderator] LilYachty » "inmature"

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » well, your picking a fight with someone because they're using my builds

    [E-9 MCPO] Archonslayer » immature*

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » yacht ur a mod

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » so?

    [E-9 MCPON] Tallonboy2005 » Nuc I'm going to try to make it between the islands, and I may run aground

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » why r u involved in this fight

    [Moderator] LilYachty » so what

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » asides from stopping it

    [Moderator] LilYachty » Because, i have a right to be

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » ?

    [W-3 CWO3] JeffKappa_lin » Yacht

    [Moderator] LilYachty » "asides"

    StewieCmanToday at 8:00 PM


    NavalClash BotBOTToday at 8:00 PM

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » mdesti im not the one that has to get muted for starting fights

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » lmao

    [Moderator] LilYachty » if your gonna argue, use correct grammar lmao

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » can u just tell both parties to cut it out

    [E-9 MCPO] Archonslayer » XD

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » Darth, NC isn't meant to be toxic, people like you make it that way

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » people like me

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » e\

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » rofl

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » this is the most toxic server ive ever been on

    [W-1 CWO1] TheJustReaper » ^

    [O-2 LTJG] CowCrafter22 » remember velo kek

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » mdesti quit then

    [W-2 CWO2] ALegner » oxicity is vital for this server

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » Tarnation U

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » i remember when uer was the "bastion against toxicity"

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » nuclear ill take my plots with me?

    [E-9 MCPO] Archonslayer » ?

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » rip

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » sound good

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » i miss when everyone thought it

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » *that

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » arch wtf u made me think u fucked my base

    [O-2 LTJG] CowCrafter22 » i still dont have /nick lol

    [E-9 MCPO] Archonslayer » keke

    [Moderator] LilYachty » mdesti

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » whats with the shark fin

    :heavy_plus_sign: [W-2 CWO2] Ggolem1 joined the server

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » ay golem

    [Moderator] LilYachty » you are the cause of 50% of the toxicity

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » what

    [E-9 MCPO] Archonslayer » thats what i like doing

    [W-1 CWO1] LilPoprocky » hey nuc are oyu allies with Thirdreich

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » i am 100% not

    [W-2 CWO2] Ggolem1 » ey

    [E-9 MCPO] Archonslayer » to you cause your paranoid as Flummery

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » i only defend myself

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » idk pop

    [Moderator] LilYachty » omfg

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » i dont attack people

    [Moderator] LilYachty » you start Flummery

    [Moderator] LilYachty » all the time

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » no i really dont?

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » there isnt even any toxicity between uer and tn anymore

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » lmao

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » its just uer and tn defending people from thirdreich

    [Moderator] LilYachty » lmao you are in serious denial rn

    :heavy_minus_sign: [O-2 LTJG] CowCrafter22 left the server

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » yacht honestly idk how u got mod

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » but i only defned myself

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » so

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » t

    [W-1 CWO1] Hitler » like the fight that just happened did i start it no. the fight earlier today after the raid did i start it no

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » raid?

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » ye

    [O-2 LTJG] Nuclear_eggos » on whom

    [O-5 CDR] DarthVaderV » he raided some tiny fac and tn rekt him

    TohrynToday at 8:07 PM

    Mdesti, you just blew your parole my friend

    Comes in at the end doesnt look at the whole convo clearly and boom im banned just like that :D

    This is clear undisputed raw proof of staff abuse and ignorance and this should not go unpunished

    side note about reports against players:
    It is so EASY to report people on this server i can take out of context screens get my friends to do the same and boom 4 reports that are BS of one player to make him look bad. If the staff do not have the effort or desire to look into this reports they should not hold their position. Is that wrong to say? If you have 4 friends on the server and you want ONE player banend is in PRESENT NC you can get them banend because of SOME of the staff no matter if the person has actually done anything wrong, I will be spending the time I am banned to launch a full investigation and report of all Staff activities and behaviours. EACH AND EVERY REPORT should follow the same steps WHEN BEING INVESTIGATED WITH FULL EFFORT. Will doing this make me more popular, nope but is it the right thing to do? 100% YES

    This has become the most toxic server ive ever played on in my life and the backbone of any server is its staff.. this is NOT a message to all STAFF but the staff have let this server get to where it is because their lack of effort and integrity

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  2. MythicalWraith

    MythicalWraith Forum R. Admiral

  3. camkam

    camkam Forum Lt.

  4. Tohryn

    Tohryn Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You seem to have forgotten the part where you were previously banned, I unbanned you, and then received 7+ complaints and reports within the first hours, you also proceeded to harass me and other staff members at 4am about your stupid, 3 day ban. You were rebanned for a single day, and now I'll be extending it, congrats bud. If you'd like me to provide our arduous discord conversation (where I explained myself to you numerous times) I will.
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  5. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    POINT ONE : "You seem to have forgotten the part where you were previously banned, I unbanned you," I WAS Banned for something I did not do.... I deserved to be unbanned. Like why keep bringing that up that has legit no importance what so ever?

    POINT TWO: A lot of people do not like me and make reports out of context screens, you once never talked to me to get my side because I know for a fact i do not attack people. Please show me these "reports" because im always getting attacked I have a lot of people who want me banned who make fasle reports so again if you wish to not investigate the legitimacy of these reports fine but dont bring them up as proof as they are one sided out of context BS by people who dont like me. I raid a lot of people I am that type of faction enemies with everyone naturally i have lots of enemies sadly they dont get even in game but make BS reports to get me banned and you just let them.

    I am now getting banned longer for reporting your bad ban. LIKE WHAT IS THIS?! YOUR PROVING MY POINT RN! This is the stuff I mean its not right this post has clear cut evidence of wrongful bans. Instead of admitting your mistakes your banning me for longer

    This is your ban reason:
    Ban reason: [Admin] Tohryn » Kami, pick fights, whatever. I don't care too much, insulting my team is where I draw the line
    Read the chat logs and tell me if that deserves a ban. I clearly did not start a fight, I was not toxic and you banned me?
    You seriously have no comment about this^^^ All of the reasons you listed are false thats not opinion its fact? The WHOLE LOG of what you banned me for IS RIGHT HERE and so is the reason... it is clearly not deserving of a ban like clearly..

    You extending my ban just continues to prove my point can I please have a reason for the extension of my ban? I was going to post this either now or after my ban. Its just so fucked up how I dont break the rules and get banned but ill happily take a Ban extension to get the reality and truth of our staffing situation out there IT MUST BE FIXED. Toh clearly you dont admit any fault even tho the proof is all on this forum post thats fine but its obvious and if you want to be in denial i cannot do anything so I wll not debate this further if you wish im always available to VC, thank you

    This is a matter for side and Izz to look into as its obviously bad bans and poor staffing.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  6. TheJustReaper

    TheJustReaper Forum Ensign

    mdesti has been unrighteously bullied and treated as a common “criminal” by everyone that I’ve personally seen come in contact with him! YOU STAFF ARE LAZY, Droopy our supreme leader, if you even bother to read this or have any part in the well being of the server at all, the only good staff ever picked was iiz, pim and wrangler. Do something about this disgrace of a server already and give mdesti the justice he and so many others rightfully deserve! As a message to all admins and above in rank, you’ve let the toxicity of this server get so out of hand that it is driving away players like mdesti.... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT FOR GOD SAKE or risk losing any ability to gain any new players at all!!
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  7. mdesti

    mdesti Forum Lt. JG

    Thank you Reaper, its the truth I run a intense faction which causes enemies but I am CONSTANTLY DEFENDING MYSELF FROM ATTACKS and constantly trying to be banned for something... this is what staff would know if they just asked and looked into things more further because honest to god its the truth.. Reaper was there during the fight he got attacked so did I out of the blue he was there to see me being wrongfully banned I mean JUST READ THE LOGS and tell me I am the one in the wrong... this is NOT faction bias he isnt even in my faction
  8. StewieCman

    StewieCman Forum Admiral

    You guys Complaining is quite entertaining
  9. MrZuperTaco

    MrZuperTaco Forum Cmdr.

    this server is falling apart tbh
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  10. TheJustReaper

    TheJustReaper Forum Ensign

    Couldn't agree more.
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  11. Tohryn

    Tohryn Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The issue isn't even the original ban, its his harassing staff, constant complaints about him, and his whining to get his 3 day ban appealed. He's banned until tomorrow evening, he'll find a way to survive I'm sure.
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