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The server went down for a few minuets and...

Discussion in 'Technical Forum' started by Lukeg7812, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Lukeg7812

    Lukeg7812 Forum Recruit

    So long story short, some friends and I were sailing quite a big boat and we sunk, I decided to go down with the ship and i survived so i started making repairs and improvements (removing water, re purposing the rooms and then making a farm. The ship had already fully sunk so I removed a block to allow for water to come in however this wasn't the issue I reckon as it was fine for over 1 hour. The real issue occurred when i'd finished the main part and was going to go offline when it started glitching out, first seeds from my plant started to pop up even though they were still intact and fine, and all of a sudden my ship fused with the floor and was literally obliterated. A couple seconds after everyone was forced back into the lobby and after a few mins i joined back to see nothing left where my base once sat and I'm just like whaaa? Id really appreciate it if it could be rolled back, i asked carter220302 but he either ignored me or didn't see the msg, my base was fine at around 6:50 at the latest i think. Any help would be amazing thanks
  2. MythicalWraith

    MythicalWraith Forum R. Admiral

    Mods have no power to rollback the server, and sadly for you I doubt it will get rolledback for your needs.
  3. Lukeg7812

    Lukeg7812 Forum Recruit

    That's unfortunate but thanks anyway
  4. Droopystarfish

    Droopystarfish Forum Cmdr. Staff Member Owner

    We do not have a roll back plugin for a number of complicated reasons non of which I will get into here. I am sorry to hear about your base but most things on navalclash are done for a very specific reason. :)

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