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The U.K. Nuked

Discussion in 'Server Politics' started by HTMLman, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. HTMLman

    HTMLman Forum Ensign

    I logged on today to find 3 nukes dropped on my base, I have been told a lot of things but none have been true, I want to know who did this and why, and I would like to assure them that I will strike back.
  2. Jaguar36703

    Jaguar36703 Forum Cpt

    I f u c k i n g hate nukes
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  3. Terra1

    Terra1 Forum Lt. JG

    This is why we have alliances.
  4. StewieCman

    StewieCman Forum Cpt

    Look at what happened to the EU?
    Do alliances really help unless ALL Factions have Similar Power and Members?
    The only alliance that has Survived the longest is STI, And that is because they Can work Together
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
  5. DalekEric

    DalekEric Forum Lt. Cmdr.

    Why be together when you can be a lone wolf like me... I don't engage in your primitive politicial and militaristic battles. Saves me the trouble from having to sorry about Flummery...

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