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Time is too hard, Just a review on your complaints on faction battles.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VIEF_Chokolatecake, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. VIEF_Chokolatecake

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    No faction battles?, whats taconavy been doing, but bases are still raided?
    Yea no, we have a huge problem.
    Such as myself defending my own base at any costs, don't ask for excellent battles against bases, its just impossible for this server at its state. Remember slimefun? it was Flummery yes, but it made more challenges. recently I raided llamania with a ship5, I could of done that with regular raid supplies, and it was harder and longer. I don't take you for a fool when you say NBZ had battles with cross-vechicle combat, indeed but the problem is was the Island update, it made it harder and easier. first off people couldn't build up community, stock up resources. Gun-tiering allowed people to only rely on a certain person for guns, but that person might not be on will he? Airfield is separated, which is kind of fine but no information of its wherea-bouts? the biggest part is, the islands. They made it nicer for ship raids, but what about tanks or planes? ships don't even change anything as they will build in-land. Ill show you an example of what a fun time in a raid is like, Eastern island siege lasted for almost 3 hours because people actually played, which is another problem because people are suggesting ideas which will be annoying for people but may be beneficial in a way that may have easier solutions or best left-alone as it isn't a problem. There should be a map contest? because I haven't seen a nice map since world map or the map after. Perma-factions wasn't half-bad at a time. It required a huge amount of community, but you already have community because people get to choose a nation of there choice, but we can still do it without. We need a good map, a way to encourage people to make bases on-land Please, Tank combat! Ship battles can-not always occur, No more bedrock or bunker bases, no bases inside mountains either, all on top of land? More stuff in shop, I haven't seen anyone who bought anything off it for a while, This all you really need for a good time raiding. NC aint just a free-for-all war at docks, We need free-for-all everywhere

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