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Update Wishlist.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by StewieCman, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. StewieCman

    StewieCman Forum Admiral

    Hey maybe this is the New, 'What do you want added next?'

    Anyways, I'm just gonna Post some Thought/Requests for Future Updates :D

    1. Add a New Kind of Weapon
    *Pretty Simple (
    Missiles) Would be cool, So would Flak and A Kind Of Mounted Machine Gun Would All be AWESOME Additions to the Game.
    *Also on this Topic, New Kinds of Cannons/Finished Mk3 Torps.
    2. Revamped Vehicles.
    *Pretty Simple. We need Some Bug Fixes, Also Bigger, More needed point right After This
    * This is one I've been hoping for as long as I've been playing NC and NBZ, And That is Working, and Functional Tanks that You can Spawn in the wild. I've Been a preacher for this for a Damn long Time.
    4. Changed prices,
    *I mean Some Engines are Way too expensive. IE Nuclear and Boiler 3,
    5. Guns,
    *Nough Said.
    6. More Ship plots,
    *To be Honest, I could heartily say We need another Ship2 for Cmdr Plus, They are By far one of the Most balanced Ship Sizes in the Game.
    7. Some Kind of Dedicated Nuke,
    *Yes I Know Ore can work like this, and yes, There Are ways to do it, I just thing we need some Kind of Dedicated block as a Nuke.
    8. More Designs for Turrets/More Designs
    *Lets be Real, turrets with Armor can REALLY Mess Up your vehicle. I mean Holy hell, My Tank wit ha Turning Triple is HUGE So It can feature a SINGLE Turning Cannon.

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