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Welcome to NavalClash! There are a few rules you should know before diving into the server. These rules are here to balance gameplay and create the best experience possible for our players. Failure to heed these regulations will result in warnings, mutes, kicks, jails and bans. You should already have Minecraft downloaded. You may only join when logged in using a genuine Minecraft Account Mcleaks accounts will be banned instantly. We are currently compatible with game version 1.8 - 1.12. Only one mod is allowed on the server and that is Optifine.


Any other mod is unapproved at this time. If you are found to have a mod not on the approved list you will be banned for cheating.


It is the responsibility of the Head Mods and above to enforce these rules. Staff will use a warning approach to new players first by sending them to this web page so they can acquaint themselves with the rules if they have not done so already. It the person chooses not to read the rules and continues to break the rules the punishments explained in more detail for the offenses bellow will be enforced with out appeal.



In general, respect each other and do not run around ruining the atmosphere for others players (This does not include just playing the game if you are getting killed all of the time try doing something different). Spamming, advertising other servers and caps spam is not permitted. You should try your best to not harass or otherwise ruin the gameplay of another player (Unless it is part of the game). Be welcoming!


Spamming, chat flooding, stalking and harassing other players is not permitted. Advertising another server will result in a permanent mute/ban depending on the offence(Accidentally mentioning another server will be punished but no permanent punishments will be given for this). Over use of caps lock is also considered spam. Do not spam LAGG in chat YOU are probably lagging or the plugin is, the server sits at 19.5 TPS all day long unless someone is world editing there is not much we can do about it.



Respect the Staff of the Server. We work hard to keep NavalClash running - for YOU! (I think players seem to forget this) With this in mind, please don't backseat moderate, bug, or otherwise harass any member of the staff team in game. Ask them for help, but don't spam or disrespect them. Staff may be online and buisy with another player if they do not respond straight away just be patient they will get to you. If you need staff IMMEDIATELY us /helpop message.(Abuse of this feature will result in a ban you might think what you have to ask is important but take a step back and use your best judgment)

If you see a player hacking or breaking any rules, submit a report on the forums with screenshots or video evidence.



If you circumvent a mute by using the movecraft purple chat you will be banned for 2 days. This goes for any punishment you receive (The new punishment will be double what you were sentenced to receive). If you think you have been unfairly punished head over to the forums and make a post in the punishment appeals section. DO NOT CIRCUMVENT YOUR PUNISHMENT IT WILL ONLY MAKE IT WORSE.



General combat rules:



Sealing is defined as the act of entering another's vehicle and killing or getting in the way of the crew. This is illegal for numerous reasons. Sealers have been known to mine blocks on ships for easy rank points and killing the crew members from close up, effectively disabling the ship. NavalClash is centered around Vehicular Warfare, so this is not okay. With that being said, feel free to snipe enemy players from the safety of your craft, whether it be with AA-Guns, cannons, or guns. Sealers will be sent to prison if found guilty for a period of 10 minutes.



Using your aircraft to kamikaze enemy ships or submarines, while historical, is not allowed on NavalClash. This is due to gameplay balance reasons. Kamikaze against enemy bases is fine however. People who kamikaze ships will be sent to prison if found guilty for 1 hour.



Working with other players, using alternate accounts, or any other method to unfairly grind rank points is not allowed, and is punishable. Farmers will be banned for 2 days.



In NavalClash, safedocks are indicated by the border of buoys around spawn, and in the absence of those, the chat channels. A vehicle is considered to be in safedock if the entire vehicle has not yet passed from global channel to talk channel. It is illegal to fire at ships from safedock into the war zone, and it is illegal to fire at any ship until it is fully out of the global channel. Safedockers will be sent to prison if found guilty for a period of 30 minutes. ( If the ship is 3 or less block still inside the safedock then the person shooting at you will not be punished).



It is highly frowned upon to use a factions equipment that you are raiding to aid in the destruction or capture of said base. If you are found to be doing this it is up to the staff member at the time to decide weather to punish you. Highjackers will be sent to prison if found guilty for a period of 2 hours.



This is simple, leveling someones above ground base is now a punishable offence. Only destroy as much as is necessary to disable or neutralize the base you are attacking. Underground bases may need to be destroyed more than above ground basses to neutralize the base sufficiently which is allowed within reason. The only person able to decide the punishment or if an offence has been committed is Droopystartfish in regards to this rule.


Do not destroy your own ship mid-combat you will be banned for 1 week if found guilty.



Vehicle rules and regulations:



Both box vehicles and vehicles resembling inappropriate or otherwise offensive content are not allowed, and will be cleared and you will be sent to prison for 30 minutes.



In order to balance gameplay and keep NavalClash fun, helicopters and aircraft must be built with AA-able materials. AA-ABLE materials are defined as any block that can be broken by an AA-Gun. Examples of this include all wool, glass, slabs, and certain ores.



Helicopters must not be equipped with depth charges, however all other weapons are legal. Must be AA-Able.



Aircraft may use all weapons systems except for depth charges and tripe barrel cannons, all blocks must be AA-Able.



Do not use c4 or tnt in the tank spawn as it can course problems with your tank and others.


Duplicating someone ship without their consent other than making the same class of ship or type of ship will result in your plot being cleared.





You must follow the zodiac rules.(Ship1's seem to be the largest group of offenders in regard to this) Do not build triple cannons or triple triples on ship1's, this is for game balancing reasons.



A Zodiac is defined as any ship that looks like a raft or is too small to the point where it is extremely hard to hit. Therefore all ships must take up at least 50% of the plot they are in and more than 2 of its blocks must be above water and 3 blocks bellow. With the exception of course of subs. Zodiacs are ILLEGAL on NavalClash.



When you start you will be able to claim two SHIP1 plots, a TANK1 plot and a HANGAR1 plot. However, as you rank up more plots will become available to be claimed. Please do not ask for more plots go and play.



Alt Accounts, Bots & Mcleaks:


Alt Accounts:

Using alt accounts on any or the navalclash servers is frownd upon, because of the temptation to use them to exploit the payday from both accounts. You can use alts BUT if you are found (evidence is needed by the staff team to take long term action) to be using them to gain a financial or unfair advantage over other players you will be BANNED. Your alt will be perma banned and your main will be wiped. After droopystarfish has been shown the proof he will delete your player data. We are taking a hard line on this after people where abusing alts, you did this to yourselvs.


Bots & Mcleaks:

If you are using a bot to spam the server with garbage or advertise another server you will be banned no appeal. (If someone is using the same name as you like in discord, this has happened you can appeal and droopystarfish will look into it) Mcleaks accounts will be banned no appeal, we have a detection system in place to stop these accounts from getting through but if you do you will not last long.




All rules are subject to change. If you think you are breaking the rules you probably are, ask a Head Mod or above if it is legal to save yourself a prison sentence. Ignorance is no excuse, if you have not read the rules it will not stop staff from punishing you.





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