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Welcome to NavalClash! There are a few rules you should know before diving into the server. These rules are here to balance gameplay and create the best experience possible for our players. Failure to heed these regulations will result in warnings, mutes, kicks, jails and bans. You should already have Minecraft downloaded. You may only join when logged in using a genuine Minecraft Account Mcleaks accounts will be banned instantly. We are currently compatible with game version 1.10 - 1.12. Only one mod is allowed on the server and that is Optifine.


Any other mod is unapproved at this time. If you are found to have a mod not on the approved list you will be banned for cheating.


It is the responsibility of the Head Mods and above to enforce these rules. Staff will use a warning approach to new players first by sending them to this web page so they can acquaint themselves with the rules if they have not done so already. It the person chooses not to read the rules and continues to break the rules the punishments explained in more detail for the offenses bellow will be enforced with out appeal.


Use common sense (Regarding to unmentioned rules and etc. This is strictly enforced: Punishment varies depending on severity)



In general, respect each other and do not run around ruining the atmosphere for others players. Spamming, advertising and caps lock spam is not permitted. You should never troll, harass or otherwise ruin the gameplay of another player. Be welcoming! We are going to be cracking down on this one so please keep petty arguments and name calling out of public chat and instead report rulebreakers!


Player Behavior List which includes but is not limited to:

1. Be Respectful - Don't Be a Jerk/Annoying (kicks, mutes)

2. No Hacking (tempbans, bans)

3. No Exploiting Glitches (Flying with no vehicle etc) (kicks, jails, bans)

4. No Spamming or chat flooding, (kicks, mutes)

5. No Camping (Ship Cleared After Warnings)

6. No Stalking (kicks, bans)

7. No Trolling (kicks, mutes)

8. Harassing other players is not permitted. (kicks, bans)

9. Advertising another server will result in a permanent mute.

10. Overuse of caps lock is also considered spam. (kicks, mutes)

11. No explicit content (kicks, mutes, bans)

12. Don't be toxic (kicks, mutes, jails)


Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG) and Shotguns are forbidden from being used on water and air vehicles. Sniping vehicles or parts of a vehicle is also illegal


Respect the Staff of the Server.

We work hard to keep NavalClash running - for you! With this in mind, please don't backseat moderate, bug, or otherwise harass any member of the staff team in game. Ask them for help, but don't spam or disrespect them.


If you see a player hacking or breaking any rules, submit a report on the forum with screenshot or video evidence explaining exactly what they where doing and why you thought they where hacking or braking the rules if there is no evidence nothing will be done.


Miscellaneous rules:



Alternate accounts for any use (faction spies, farming, etc) are currently BANNED unless strict permission is given. (the alt will be banned, IP-ban if alts continue)


General combat rules:



Sealing is defined as the act of acting like a navy seal and entering or interacting with (greifing it, taking control, etc) the vehicle of another without the captain's consent or damaging a vehicle without being present on one. This is illegal for numerous reasons. Sealers have been known to mine blocks on ships for easy rank points and killing the crew members from close up, effectively disabling the ship. Sealing also includes boarding an enemy ship after your own ship is destroyed. NavalClash is centered around Vehicular Warfare, so this is not okay. With that being said, feel free to attack enemy players from the safety of your craft, whether it be with AA-Guns, cannons, or guns. Stealing enemy vehicles and defenses is considered sealing. (Smites, kicks, jails, tempbans)



Using your aircraft to kamikaze enemy ships or submarines, while historical, is not allowed on NavalClash. This is due to gameplay balance reasons. Additionally, kamikaze against enemy bases is ILLEGAL! (Jails, tempbans)



Working with other players, using alternate accounts, or any other method to unfairly grind rank points is not allowed, and is punishable. (Reset rank points to 0 and rank to ensign)



In NavalClash, safedocks are indicated by the border of buoys around spawn, and in the absence of those, the chat lets you know you have left spawn. A vehicle is considered to be in safedock if the entire vehicle has not yet passed from the spawn to the wilderness. It is illegal to fire at ships from safedock into the war zone, and it is illegal to fire at any ship until it is fully out of the safedock. Safedockers will face increasingly sever punishments, starting with a smite.


Misc Rules:

Do not destroy your own ship mid-combat. (Cash penalty of $10,000)

Do not launch aircraft from carriers whilst inside safedock. (warnings, vehicle removed mid-flight)

Do not glitch any sort of items in from creative shipyard to survival world. (Instant ban)

Do not directly copy someone else's plot. We understand there will be similarities, but please keep it reasonably different (Plot cleared)

Do not build aircraft in ship plots without a vehicle to carry them outside safedock. (Plot cleared)

Hand Weapons can be used in combat with other people on vehicles, as long as they are not RPGs and Shotguns.

Camping - Vehicle attacking other vehicles to close to the Safedock and ambushing them as they emerge from Docks. (warnings, Ship Cleared in water)

As of the end of PermFactions/PermTowns, the only faction rules are NO ILLEGAL SPAWNERS OR PLOTS. YOUR BASE WILL BE NUKED AND YOU WILL BE BANNED.



Spying on other factions is allowed.


Vehicle rules and regulations:



Both box vehicles and vehicles resembling inappropriate or otherwise offensive content are not allowed, and will be cleared.

Do not use any Illegal Blocks. These blocks do not function on vehicles for various reasons please review the list found in Getting Started Thread for detailed list.



In order to balance gameplay and keep NavalClash fun, helicopters and aircraft must be built with AA-able materials. AA-ABLE materials are defined as any block that can be broken by an AA-Gun. Examples of this include all wool, glass, slabs, and certain ores. (plot cleared, jails)



Helicopters must not be equipped with depth charges, however all other weapons are legal. Must be AA-Able. (plot cleared)



Aircraft may use any weapons system except for depth charges.

Please Note: Gold and Diamond blocks do not work on Aircraft/airplanes or Helicopters. In effect Double barrel TnT Cannons and certain torpedo launchers will not function.





A Zodiac is defined as any ship that looks like a raft or is too small to the point where it is hard to hit. Therefore all ships must take up at least half the plot they are in and more than 50% of its blocks must be above water, with the exception, of course, of subs. Zodiacs are ILLEGAL on NavalClash. (plot cleared)



No Ship1 are allowed to have 3-Barrel TNT Cannons.

No Hangar1 vehicles are allowed to have Gold Blocks/Triple or Double Barrelled TNT Cannons.

No Hangar1 vehicles are allowed to have Depth Charges, similar Bomb Dispensers are allowed.



When you start you will be able to claim a SHIP1 plot, and a Tank1 plot. However, as you rank up more plots will become available to be claimed.

Available plots can now be viewed with the /shipyard command.



Upon discovering someone who is breaking the rules, report them on the Player Reports/Complaints Thread but do not waist staffs time with petty grievances just move on if it does not impact gameplay be the better man/woman.

Use the Format to Report these violations per the instructions Player Rules that are Reportable thread if you do not use the proper format nothing will be done.





All rules are subject to change. If you think you are breaking the rules you probably are, ask a Head Mod or above if it is legal to save yourself a prison sentence, ban or mute. Ignorance is no excuse, if you have not read the rules it will not stop staff from punishing you.





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