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A Reunited Owner (VICE Exclusive)

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  1. In the time of GE a war donkey, Boneparte was shot and killed in the line of action. The photographer, a young German soldier took a photo of Yachtman who found out the hard way that his beloved donkey was killed in Northern Africa. A shrine was built for the unknown war donkey but the government who later found out the donkeys name was Boneparte. The original photo taken months ago did not have the texture pack where as the more updated photo was taken with the texture pack. Boneparte had only joined a few months prior to his death. We believe TN showed now mercy to the donkey and left him to die, shortly later a GE force found his saddle, lead, and his contents at his former home which was ransacked and burned to the ground and the nearby village suffered the same fate.

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  2. Rest in Peace, Boneparte.
  3. We're literally making post about dead animals.

    Seriously, what has happened to the news?
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  4. It was in remembrance of a fallen son to a kind person btw don’t ask me how Yacht had a donkey of a child. It is complicated
  5. It's a recessive Gene.
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  6. It said VICE I wouldn’t expect it to be anywhere near news
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  7. VICE will cover more peaceful things and will occasionally do the war thing like this. NBC will occasionally do peaceful stories and does War related stories.
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    can we get a story on Air Moskva with a possible interview?
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  9. I can put that in Order moo.
  10. Can we get a story on how powerful UFP is and how we will conquer the world
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  11. Hm. I don’t want to seem biased but I can do an interview on what people think on UFP and can do an interview of UFP in general.
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  12. But can we get a story on how we will conquer the world and everyone better surrender
  13. Eh. I will interview but possibly not talk about the conquest.
  14. No deal then
  15. Can we get a story on world domination by pengus?
  16. Sure?
  17. Wait. I will. This is because NBC can cover it as it is a war story. I just had to think it through.
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    VICE? They live in Miami?
  19. I can give you the story of how you will fall.