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AcidIsland Server

Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Sidewalk, May 14, 2018.

  1. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Hey all!

    AcidIsland will be replacing the inactive skyblock server.

    It's the same as skyblock, except there are a few key differences...

    • Acid hurts, use armor or potions to protect! Set your own sea-level.
    • Rain is acid too! Decide how much damage.
    • Acid hurts monsters, so players can make different grinders or traps.
    • Acid cannot be used to make clean stone, but it can make cobblestone fine. (This stops players paving the ocean).
    • A sponge can be won from a challenge. Sponges soak up acid and make expanding the island easier
    • Island level ranking system - based on block values and blocks below sea-level
    • Players can visit other islands by boat and boats are much more safe than normal - they do not break and exiting them does not dunk players in acid (most of the time).
    • Two AcidIsland starter islands to choose from.
    • If you haven't realized already - water is acid - be careful!
    • Mobs burn in acid too!
    • Acid and lava can make cobblestone, but clean stone melts in acid.
    • Water breathing potion will make you immune to the acid. Must be because potions are now made with acid...
    • Complete challenges to obtain rare or useful items
    • Don't forget to fish!

    Player Commands
    AcidIsland accepts the following commands that can be /island, /ai or /is:
    • /island - generates a new island, opens the GUI or teleports the player to their island, home location or the team island
    • /island go - teleport to your island
    • /island help - shows help text
    • /island cp or control panel - shows a GUI with useful commands so players do not have to type
    • /island reset or restart - restarts an island. There is a cool down timer on this so that players do not abuse it
    • /island level - ranks the island
    • /island level <player> - shows the island rank for another player
    • /island top - shows the Top 10 islands by rank
    • /island minishop or ms - displays a shop GUI with different items - admins can customize the contents and prices
    • /island warps - Lists warps that are available via Welcome Warp Signs
    • /island warp <name> - warps to a Welcome Warp Sign. The full name does not have to by typed in (just the first few letters)
    • /island biomes - open the biomes GUI
    • /island ban - ban a visitor from an island
    Team-related Commands
    • /island invite - Invite a player to join your team. You can only invite one person at a time.
    • /island accept or reject - Accepts or rejects an invite. If a player has an island already and accepts, the island will be deleted.
    • /island team - lists info on the team
    • /island leave - leave the team - returns to spawn
    • /island kick or remove <name> - only available for the island owner or leader - removes a team member. If the player is online, all their inventory will drop and they will be sent to spawn. If they are offline, they will get a message when they log in that they have been kicked.
    • /island makeleader <name> - Transfers ownership to a team member. Can only be issued by the leader.
    • /island teamchat - enables players to chat only to team members
    Coop Commands
    • /island coop <player> - Gives a player temporary full access to your island. Notifies other team members and the leader when this happens. Use it wisely.
    • /island expel <player> - Removes coop status. Also ejects player from your island.
    Challenges Commands
    • /aic, /c or /challenge show the GUI for challenges
    Welcome Warp Signs
    Welcome Warp Signs are an easy way for players to make warps. Each player can generate only one warp. They create a warp by placing a sign with the first line [WELCOME] on it. If the warp creation is successful, that line will become green. If there is a problem, it will become red.

    Warps are listed under /island warps and are the player's name. Players can warp by typing /island warp <name of warp> or click on the GUI.

    To destroy or remove a warp, the player should destroy or remove the sign.

    The other lines on the sign can say anything the player wants and are listed in the GUI - advertise your island!

    The safety of a warp is checked to a certain extent, but it's possible for players to create traps with warp signs.

    We also have Greenhouses...
    • Craft your own self-contained biome greenhouse on an island
    • Greenhouses can grow plants that cannot normally be grown, like sunflowers
    • Friendly mobs can spawn if your greenhouse is well designed - need slimes? Build a swamp greenhouse!
    • Blocks change in biomes - dirt becomes sand in a desert, dirt becomes clay in a river, for example.
    • Greenhouses can run in multiple worlds.
    • Easy to use GUI shows greenhouse recipes (/g)
    How to Build A Greenhouse (Simple version)
    1. Make glass blocks and build a rectangular set of walls with a flat roof.
    2. Put a hopper in the wall or roof.
    3. Put a door in the wall so you can get in and out.
    4. Type /greenhouse and read the rules for the greenhouse you want.
    5. Exit the GUI and place blocks, water, lava and ice so that you make your desired biome.
    6. Type /greenhouse again and click on the biome to make it.
    Once made:
    1. Use bonemeal to grow small plants on grass immediately in the greenhouse.
    2. Or place bonemeal in the hopper to have the greenhouse sprinkle bonemeal automatically. Come back later to see what grows!
    3. Place a bucket of water (or more) in the hopper to cause snow to fall in cold biomes. Snow will fall when it rains in the world. Each snowfall empties one bucket of water.
    4. Friendly biome-specific mobs may spawn in your greenhouse - the usual rules apply (be more than 24 blocks away).
    5. Enjoy!
    • Can I use stained glass? Yes, you can. It's pretty.
    • Can I fill my greenhouse full of water? Yes. That's an ocean.
    • Will a squid spawn there? Maybe... okay, yes it will, if it's a big enough ocean.
    • How do I place a door high up in the wall if the wall is all glass? Place it on a hopper.
    • How do I place a door on a hopper? Crouch and then place it.
    • Can I use metal doors? Yes.
    • Can I use a trap door? Yes.
    • Can I grow swamp flowers with this? Yes. Make a swamp biome and use bonemeal.
    • How much bonemeal is used to grow plants? One per successful plant.
    • How much water do I need to put into the hopper to make it snow? One bucket of water (just the water) is used up every time it rains. This only happens in cold biomes.
    • Can I build a Nether greenhouse? Try it and see... (Actually, you may need permission)
    • Can I build greenhouses in the Nether? Yes. You can colonize the nether with them.
    • What kind of mobs spawn in the biomes? It's what you would expect, wolves in Cold Taiga, horses on plains, etc.

    Access AcidIsland with /server AcidIsland. This is for players to just have some fun with if they are bored ship battling. Don't complain about it if you won't play it. I'll answer questions in the comments.
  2. So, this is what we're doing instead of adding stuff to shop, adding /auc back. Fixing some bugs involving the shipyard floor, adding stuff to buycraft, or advertising?

    Edit: It's good but chat looks terrible, hard to figure out commands as well.
    7/10 atm.
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  3. If he wanted to do a quick but perfect solution to all those problems, he could just entirely remove the island update
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  4. island update has problems, however the only problem is that you only use a ship2, thats what makes a difference
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  5. What do these have to do with Acid Island:p Anyways, i like the Idea Side, might have to pop on and try it.
  6. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    It’s truly a merciless gamemode
  7. I play Dwarf Fortress, You think I Don't know 'Merciless'
  8. MrZuperTaco

    MrZuperTaco Admin Staff Member Admin

    I want some acid
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  9. me too
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  10. @Sidewalk add the Drug plugin to it, But only let us get acid.
  11. Wrangler

    Wrangler Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    So this replaced the Dwarf vs Zombies?
  12. Give us the Drug 'acid' for acid island for me To TRUELY Live the experience.
  14. I think i prefer falling to my doom...