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MEDIUM Priority Being Offended

Discussion in 'Player Reports/Complaints' started by MustachedSquid, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Name Of Offender: __HatsuneMiku___

    Date Of Offense: 5 september 2018

    Offense Committed: Offensive language

    Explanation: So I was playing navalclash today, And I was sunk by __HatsuneMiku___ she then called me "Gay nub", This realy offended me because I used to be victim of bully at school and the same words were used. So It breack server forst rule of respecting other players.

    Evidence: No screenshot/evidence, tought Pim was online when this all appened

    Any other info/members involved: I could have took a screenshot, but I was reading forum report and I cant scroll chat even more now.
    Also basicaly everyone that was online in the server at the time saw this...
  2. Player disrespect but what he said doesn't violate the serv's code of what language you can use. However i've been muted for 30 minutes just for saying, "idiot" once, so yeah.
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  3. i want vief to be permbanned cuz he bully me every day and he call me nighor and im white and it hurts my pride plox ban