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Black needs to be demoted for all of his abuse.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by burgerking97, Nov 24, 2018.

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  1. Look, you can ban me and punish me all you want for the stuff I did actually do wrong, but when it comes to personal bias, thats when it crosses the line. I have recently been perma banned twice by black for nothing other than his personal opinion, sure, I may have broken some rules, but nothing anywhere near being banned permanently. Most recently last night, all me and Toh were doing were pointing out flaws in the staff system, which were all actual problems that could be fixed to improve the server. None of us were actually being a disturbance or harassing any staff member, but yet black gets on and then accuses Toh of undermining the staff team. Later on he then jails me and mutes me for 10 days. Keep in mind that we were both open to his opinion and being completely calm and professional. Later on he both perma banned me and Toh, Toh being unbanned but removed from mod. Not to mention that he randomly muted an Ensign that had done absolutely nothing wrong for 3 months, until he was later unmuted. And at this point im still banned for a week, sure you can punish me for the rules I broke, but again like I said, not because you got your feelings hurt because i disagreed with you and pointing out flaws in the system. Im not bullshitting you, ask HD who was actually online as this happened. You can ban me from the server and the discord, but im still going to point out that black is obviously not fit to be the head admin of this server. Toh was doing absolutely wrong, and was actually helping people unlike most of the staff team. This is an obvious problem that needs fixing, otherwise this server will die out like NBZ sometime in the future.

    So make the right decision, and honestly black, you banning me doesn't hurt me, its honestly hilarious seeing you get hurt because we didnt agree with you.
  2. Correction, now im banned for 3 months for "annoying the shit out of everyone"[​IMG]

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  3. You really were annoying everyone but ban is way to long, you are allways spamming chat and being salty about getting shot down or destroyed in a battle. +Unban
  4. Black was definitely overreacting, your punishment is way too severe, its true that at times you get a bit over the head but that is absolutely no reason to ban you for 3 freaking months.
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  5. Solmex

    Solmex Owner Staff Member Owner

    I was the one who banned you for 3 months, not black. Same for Tohryn

    After reading the messages that you guys sent I lost my shit because you literally were undermining our entire staff team which I've worked overtime to build, and have tried to perfect.
    I can talk to Black and get him to calm down but you screaming in chat about it doesn't help myself or anyone else in the process, idiot.

    Literally quoting Black from our call at 3 am when I demoted Tohryn, he didn't even want to remove Tohryn from the staff team, I got so ******* pissed off at him that I did myself.

    I thought I could give Toh a chance and he'd just do his staff jobs and enjoy the server, within 3 hours he's trying to say that NavalClash's team was much more organized than ours, which is absurd because of how fast they all left as soon as things went downhill.

    I am trying to give everyone from the NavalClash team a chance to be staff on the new NC but its hard since most of our staff don't see eye to eye with the beliefs of the NavalClash team. And I'm just saying Sidewalk himself didn't even like Tohryn as staff, though still let him stay because he was the only one who could do the job.

    The context of this conversation was a merge before Sidewalk quit as staff on NC.

    I'm trying so hard to get things done for this server, sacrificing my time and effort and I have to be faced with people like you who don't understand what its like to be under this pressure of everyone watching you as you try to make important decisions as to where to put people, let me tell you its not as easy as you think.

    Now on Black, I have talked to him about his punishments and he should let up, if not I will probably talk with him again. Your ban will be lessened to 2 weeks and I swear to God if I hear any complaining out of you I'll ban you again for 4 weeks.
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  6. Me and Toh werent trying to undermine the staff team, or spreading any shit. We were simply pointing out parts that could be improved upon. Youre overreacting like hell to something so simple, people were much happier playing on NC before you came along and infested it. I get it, I complain alot but to overreact over us simply pointing out points that could be improved is simple ridiculous. In no way were we undermining the staff team or being in anyway rude about it. And I dont feel like waiting 2 months to be unbanned for a rule i never broke, so dont expect me to come back.

    The NC staff team was perfectly fine before the merge, you just had to come and infest it with your own shitty ass staff.

    I hinestly dont care if I get a permban for this, because im not coming back either way because of how bad ive been treated by your so called “staff team”.

    And as you said that you have to make important decisions for everything, banning people for 3 months doesnt do anything but thin out your player base. YOU need to rethink what it means to be the owner instead of a dictator.
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  7. And as I said, me and Toh were never screaming, youre ******* overreacting to make it seem like were the bad guys. Youve shoved coding so far up your ass that toure ignorant of all of the shit going down on YOUR server. None of you have actually made an effort to try and help me but just punish me. You guys are just so full of yourselves thinking that you were always the superior server, that you cant even take a hint of criticism.
  8. And your a bitch ass little annoying piece of shit go play another server, Solmex managed to tripple the amount of players when he came along so i think you should get perm ban for even blameing him.
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  9. Look, you were never apart of this conversation. So go worry about yourself and stay out of this.
  10. And Sol, I know youre probably super pissed at me and thats fine. I would just like to talk to you about it on Discord because there seems to be a huge misunderstanding on our parts. I know that my most recent message was super rude but I definitely feel like we need to talk about this. Just me and you having a civil conversation about our point of views and explanations. You dont have to do anything, but I feel like we should just talk.
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  11. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    That's kind of fallacious. Solmex himself didn't triple the playerbase of NavalClash. It was the merger that brought the two communities together that drew back existing players, as well as the promise of new updates to NavalClash's already large playerbase.

    Don't say something rash that you will regret later - running the server IS hard, and Sol and his team are just now coming to terms with how much work running a server with a large playerbase is.
    I agree that the punishment is more than a little bit harsh, and if one of my staff issued a punishment like this in the past I would've likely spoken to the staff member about harsh punishments and the player about coming directly to me with criticism.

    I wouldn't have reacted amicably to such a hostile post, though, and nobody can blame Solmex and Blackhawk for doing so.

    Also, this looks pathetic. If you truly belief in what you say at least stand by it.

    Nothing can change the fact that the servers merged, and everything has been running for the most part very smoothly and successfully. So y'all are going to have to learn how to deal with it.
    That being said, I'm sure now and in the future misunderstandings like this can be quickly resolved with words and not abnormally long punishments and equally atrocious forum rants.
  12. Thank you for going over and reading this Side, I was obviously pretty pissed last night while writing this, I usually do and say stupid things while im mad. And i have been totally ignorant of the time and effort that it actually takes to run a server, im just bitter about all of the stuff that has been happening since i joined back. I have been complaining quite alot, more than i should be, but im trying to do it in a peaceful manner. I do agree that the punishment is harsh, but I totally agree that I should be punished for everything ive done. I just want to talk to Sol that i can try and clear up any misconceptions and so that we can both talk about the situation as a whole, as I still stand by my point. Me and Toh werent meaning to try and judge and insult the staff team, we were just trying to point out the parts of it that could use improvement. So I totally agree that I overreacted like hell also, i have been ignorant of the things I have done. So basically in the end, all i would like to do is discuss with Sol my view of the situation and possibly some improvements, and I honestly dont care if I stay banned, and I honestly kind of deserve it. That is all
  13. oof y'all getting heated up over here
    just calm the fugg down and wait like 2 days before ya gonna post something else
    let it cool down for a few days and maybe you'll think of something new to say
  14. This post should be Locked....
  15. Nah it's just starting to get spicy
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