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Ban Appeal Blackhawk3244 Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Punishment Appeals' started by BlackHawk, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. BlackHawk

    BlackHawk Staff Member

    Howdy Partners!

    I have some spare time on my hands so I figured I would try my hand at an appeal. Before I start, please forgive me for any grammar mistakes - its been a FAT minute since I have written a ban appeal. Also - the format that y'all made is scuffed, so i'll make my own.

    As any democracy, there are tiers of government. For NavalClash, Sol is at the top, then zuper, then kiki, and then the other admin slaves. Mods mean nothing so I am going to leave them out. All crimes that I have commited have been on previous instances of NavalClash servers; NavalBattleZone, IronSeas, and the old un-merged NavalClash. Servers such as hypixel do not ban or increase punishments on players based on their punishments from other servers. It's a clean slate and I expect this to be the same.

    The "hacks" that I have been accused of using will follow with a detailed explanation on every single one and how they are not so-called "hacks."

    -Video being used-

    Kill Aura:
    In the video you can clearly see that my player rotation is messed up which for most is a dead giveaway of some sort of client modification. Being that I coded hacked clients and various other mods for minecraft the player rotation in this video can be clearly explained. With high ping (being ping over 100) the server cannot correctly register player rotations - while this in its self is not enough to make this big of a difference - you have to account for client side rotation as well. Both of these combined cause a de-sync with the players perceived location and the actual location (actual location being where I am looking) All games have this same issue, and can clearly be depicted in this clip Link please also note that rainbow 6 is a lot more advanced than minecraft when it comes to movement so the effect is drastically reduced. Some people are gonna be like "black you hit him REALLLLLLYYYYYY fast" and ima be like "I got fast fingers - go ask your mom about them."
    please try this for yourselves: https://cookie.riimu.net/speed/
    Mine will be attached below

    Anti Knockback:
    Navycraft is packed to the brim with various bugs and exploits that massively **** with player physics. Both the invincibility glitch and the no-knock-back glitch are the most common, but there are a few others that I will not name to keep the server "playable". The no knock-back glitch is being used un-intentionally and can be re-created by standing on a moving vehicle and jumping off at the correct time. This tricks the system into thinking that the player is still attached and will not be forced out of blocks when said vehicle moves. I must have jumped on one of the moving tanks at tankspawn and gotten the glitch without me knowing. You can clearly see that my player is still affected by knock-back when I stop mid-jump after being shot. Time Stamp 3:37.

    This video is nothing more than an attempt to villainize and punish a veteran player that has a somewhat despicable past. I expect this post to be taken seriously as slander is not something that should be taken lightly - no a "permanent" ban.

    If there are any questions or things you would like me to expand on or clarify, please do not hesitate to contact me on discord, or respond to this post below.

    Kind Regards:

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  2. Solmex

    Solmex Owner Staff Member Owner

    ban lifted