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Cargo Route Information

Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Sidewalk, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Hey all! As many of you know, unfortunately Drugs didn't work out. There was a nasty duplication bug built into the plugin that allowed people to get free money. Furthermore, farms expanded exponentially and people were getting way too rich too fast anyway.

    Some of you have helped me to devise a new system - Cargo Routes!

    Cargo routes are simple - delivery of items between outposts for money. You buy cargo cheap at one outpost and sell it for more at the other.

    Each cargo route has a cooldown - you can only buy so much cargo from each route every 45 minutes.

    Additionally, water is slightly toxic now, so if you try swimming instead of sailing a ship or cargoplane because it's faster you WILL die and lose any cargo you may have.

    I have also increased the speed of ships and subs slightly.

    I have also added a script that prevents anyone with cargo in their inventory from teleporting anywhere, to prevent abuse. You must sail your cargo between outposts!

    I will be lowering the safedock regions around outposts to take up less ocean, but still be careful you don't get stuck in them.

    Attached are some images to help you understand how cargo works a bit better.

    I'll answer any questions you might have - please immediately report any problems, bugs, or exploits you find with cargo so we don't have another scenario like the drug dupe where people earned millions in an hour.










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  2. this wont end well
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  3. Will you get rid of the nonsensical warp delay please? I don't want to swim all the way back to spawn if my ship sinks.
  4. how did people dupe drugs.
  5. Thank you, this will actually encourage people to sail.
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  6. like he's going to f.cking tell you
  7. It was a glitch I found this morning with a furncace when I acidentally grabbed refined coke instead of the plant, i went to take it out and woolah there was a stack of 64, took it out and another stack, this continued on untill it stopped randomly, so i took all the dupes and put em in a chest for side to see and take....
  8. Oh its ok I just told him cause Drugs were removed
  9. This is equally stupid as the drug plugin. Same problem. People spending all their time farming cash, instead of battling. It's ruining the server.

    Other problems:
    There had better be a way to store your cargo and then teleport places, because nobody wants to be completely stuck between outposts while carrying cargo without dumping the cargo.

    People can just have their friends buy cargo and then pay their friend to buy more than the allowed amount of cargo. This would only work if the friend isn't also trying to farm money.

    Toxic water? Give me a break. This is a terrible idea. How could you possibly think this was a good idea? Who knows what other dumb things will be added next, that haven't already been added?
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  10. The waters are as toxic as the community
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  11. before you think toxic water is bad it does half a health every 2 seconds eating beef will make you survive

    the cargo system encourages combat since you need a ship to transport the cargo from a to b

    plus its right outside spawn
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  12. The iisue with toxic water is now all water is toxic which is retarded, oh and random teleport thinks its funny to dump you in the middle of the ocean, or like yesterday outside the dang border in water.... Thats BROKEN...
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  13. Does this mean its time for Dale to come back?
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  14. Don't, we're now FarmMoneyClash which sucks, and toxic water is back, one tiny fall into water and boom that may be 2 hearts gone, and those two hearts would mean a lot in combat.

    Toxic water could be abused SOOOOO easily, have a dude in close range who you're fighting and just poor water in his direction.
  15. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    I might be able to make it so water is only toxic if you have cargo. Let me mess around with the scripts.
    All of vulture’s concerns are irrelevant.
    It only lets you buy the allowed amt of cargo every 45 mins then the shop closes to you. And you only can’t teleport with cargo in your inventory.
  16. Side, gtfo off of here for liking crap like this.
    jkjkjk, I'll tell you people what I think.

    @Sidewalk lisren to me. You don't even need toxoc water, because no one on earth is stupid enough to swim, when planes, and even helis(which can easily land anywhere), are far faster than both ships and swimming.

    And don't say "my concerns are irrelevant". I'm concerned that you might take a wrong turn, and I want to prevent that.

    The outposts are surrounding spawn. Guess what: I don't want to sail my ship for 6 years chasing something on the radar, which only ends up being a super cheap tiny boat. Even if it was a reasonably sized ship, it's a pain in the ass. The only way to easily find and kill this cancer, is to use a plane. Oh and speaking of planes, people will obviously just use vtol planes to collect and deliver the cargo.

    You're trying to tell me that it will increase plane warfare at docks. That is exactly the opposite of what everyone wants.
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  17. Toxic water isn't that bad only takes me down one or a half of a heart and dosn't seem to damage armor
  18. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    There are no runways at outposts. Also - you’re saying you’d rather have less ships sailing around than tons of ships that might be small or might not be? That’s ridiculous
  19. You think that the airfield doesn't exist, and it's not that far away from the outposts? if anyone's being ridiculous, it's you.

    I'd rather have lots of reasonably-sized ships sailing in front of a single dock, be it northdocks, eastdocks, ect. I recall that's how it was before this update was implemented. strange how the update forces me to choose between a handful of tiny PLANES (not ships) and no vehicles at all... because, before the update, ships of all sizes sailed docks. Perhaps, besides the broken shipyard, it's because of how insanely expensive ships are now?
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