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Critical hits on ships

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by madengi, Dec 26, 2017.


Are crits a good idea

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Sorry I posted in wrong section,

    I have been browsing the internet for some time reading stories of how a sinking destroyer blew up a battleship by shooting its citadel (Ammunition room) and started thinking about how this might be cool.

    I know that NC isn't a historical game per say but i think it would add a fun/ annoying perk to NC.

    We have aa-ammo blocks and cannon ammo blocks, I think we should make it so that if you have a weapon you must have its appropriate ammo box on your ship, and if one of those blocks is destoryed a secondary explosion occurs. This could be considred op but it would add a new element to ship battles. I suppose you could even make it to where you have to have the ammo stores directly under turrets like in real ships but i suppose that is op since you would automatically target there.

    This is just an idea but I think this would honestly add some depth to the game, seeing as we could even do this with tanks like in war thunder.

    Second critical hit would be if you destroy the engine sign, a fire occurs or a small explosion. Again like in warthunder.

    I know you might not want completely realistic NC but this I honestly would love as well as other tank enthusiasts and sailors alike..

    Happy tanking and fair seas....

    put +1 if you like idea or -1 if its a no..... or include some ideas or feelings about this. Thanks
  2. -1, I think it's one of those ideas that sounds cool on paper, but would end up being more of an annoyance in-game.
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  3. Like what Kind of annoyance, you wouldn't know where the citadel was unless you made it under turret every time. plus it might be an annoyance but you would be able to hit citadels too.
    It would also allow for s2 to sink s4 with some skill. currently the only way a ship 2 sinks a ship 3 is if a ship 2 gangs up. this way it would make it easier for a s2 or 3 to sink a higher tier ship. Now the higher tier people may say nay to this cause right now they are practically indestructible but, if you add enough armor to those areas it will be easier.
  4. People wouldn't place ammo on ships - bam
  5. Then make it one of the blocks inorder to run the ship, or just fire the shots - bam
  6. Then everyone will put just 1 block and hide it very well - bam
  7. Then make it to where each ammo is 5 shots so if they only want to shoot 5-10 times then they only put 2 but if they want to shoot more than that then they have to put in more. bam
  8. Then no one will build ships - bam -1
    (or everyone will use planes)
  9. thats just absurd people would build ships still

    it would help balance out everything
    and even if they only put in one block that makes it all the better when you manage to hit that block
  10. People wouldn't build ships - if they have to add practically a ticking time bomb.
  11. I think your thinking worst case possible, i think they will becasue they know that they can destroy enemy ships easier
  12. and it doesn't even have to do alot of damage it could do just a 5 block radius
    that might destory one bulk head at most
  13. As long as there are no USS Arizonas, then sure. But Im still -1.
  14. This is a poor idea and will not end well
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  15. Why do you say it will not end well
    right now it is just luck if you sink another ship and lower teir ships really cant sink a higher tear ship unless it is a sub but they are op.
  16. OOOOOOR just have the base amount of ammo, and each block adds +5 to cannons, and +1 for bombs.
    Just an idea
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  17. Would it still include an explosion becasue on real ships this is a concern, they have the citadel the most heavily armored. but i agree you should have the ability to add more shots than the standard 25 or what ever but at the risk of an denotation of your ships citadel.
  18. But how can you determine what is the citadel? Adding a system that checks for this would SEVERELY limit creativity. Extra ammo would be gr8, along with the extra explosions, but limiting where they place them is a no no
  19. It's a bad idea. sounds cool, but it wont work. basically being able to sink any ship with one lucky shot isnt a good idea.
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  20. first, its a terrible idea. second, it's never gonna happen, because it would require actual programming work, and since max has dissappeared again i dont think hes gonna be in the mood to do it.