1. Droopystarfish is back! ! ! !

Dwing Productions is back!

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What Kind of videos would you guys most like to see come back to the channel? (Pick 2)

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  1. Shipyard Reviews

  2. Ship Battles

  3. Cinematic Videos

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  4. Tutorial Videos

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  1. Hey All!
    After a conversation with the man (DWINGMAN97) last night. I was given all permission rights to the YouTube Channel!
    This means that soon, you guys can expect an onslaught of new content from me, and Solmex who was also given access to the channels content abilities!
    Solmex recently provided me with the Youtube Tag in-game so expect a series of upcoming videos on the channel!
    We are super excited for the future of DWINGProductions! (We may change the name at some point). And we can't wait to make the server grow even more than it has been in recent weeks!
    -Also please do take part in the polls found on this post in regards to content to be featured on the channel.
  2. Oh my god Dooley your finally back? You and dwingman97 are the reasons I joined. Gonna be back on the server in 1-2 weeks because of computer repairs (so please don’t leave again and have me miss this).
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