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Faction Commands Changelog

Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Sidewalk, May 2, 2018.

  1. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Hey all,
    The faction plugin was very buggy, was getting tons of complaints. It had to be changed, so I decided to upgrade it.

    Normal faction chat channels now work with discord so you can use ally chat, fac chat, truce chat etc... with your faction titles and not have to worry about being spied on. (/f chat channel)

    /f map: got a huge upgrade, you can actually claim land from the map
    /f banner: costs 10k, gives you a banner that, when placed in enemy land, grants your faction boosts in that land as well as a way to warp to it for 3 minutes.
    /f coords: broadcasts your coordinates to your faction
    /f ban, /f unban, /f banlist: Ban/unban people from your fac
    /f lowpower: Shows members with low power
    /f perms: Opens f perms GUI
    /f near: see nearby fac members within 200 blocks
    /f announce: announce a msg to your fac
    /f logins: toggle fac login notifications
    /f warp, /f setwarp: fac warps. max 3
    /f rules, /f rules add: View and add rules for your faction

    Banner demonstration.
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  2. Uh, why couldn't you just say that you re-added the old factions plugin?
  3. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Because I didn’t
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  4. Alleluia
  5. It sure looks like the old factions plugin, besides some of the colors
  6. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    But it’s most definitely not and has tons of new features that needed to be documented.
  7. please inform yourself before posting shit
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  8. Nice features, nice commands, nice text.
    • How does /f top Work? all i see are numbers. each time i type a different username or money those numbers change.
    • How are we supposed to claim from /f map? Cant really find info in da WWW
    • /f coords You dont have permission to broadcast your coords to the player. Cool function in my opinion-
    • /f showclaims You dont have permission to that.
    • /f warp You dont have permission to access your faction warps.
    • /f upgrades You dont have permission to open upgrade menu
    • /f tnt (...) This Command is disabled, like you doc!
    • /f announce You dont have the permission to announce shit to the Peasants!
    • /f nearby WORKS!
    • /f rules WORKS TOO!
    • /f help 3 THIS PAGE DOES NOT EXIST [jk]
    Generally, I think this plugin is far better than the old ones. But please give us [next time?] permission to actually use this plugin properly
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  9. Indeed, we kinda sacrificed our bases for this, being unable to /f home, and sidewalk diddint even answer me on discord if I could get tped back to my old base...
  10. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    perms fixed
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  11. Thank you milord