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First NavalClash Tournament

Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Sidewalk, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Welcome to the First Official NavalClash Brawl!
    This will be a tournament hosted every 1-2 months.

    8 Teams will compete for the ultimate victory!

    $1,000,000 prize pot (divided equally amongst team members)
    Special ingame perms, chat, suffix, and name colour until next tournament
    Special Discord Rank until next tournament
    Bragging rights
    Recognition as the first winners of the tournament

    Each team will consist of 3-6 players.
    A square arena has been built.
    Each team will have 3 ship2s (that they built). They CAN be different.
    Max 1 sub per team.
    Ships must conform to the standards of building and not be overly flat or square as per MY judgement.
    In the battle world normal chat will be disabled, as will pms. So you will need to use radio and crew chat to communicate with your teams.
    If a ship on your team sinks the crew will be allowed to try and swim to another vehicle. However no items including food will be allowed into the arena.
    If a player dies they will have a 60 second cooldown then be teleported back to one of the vehicles.
    Strategy will be up to you.
    Ships will spawn at different ends of the box and safedock regions will be immediately removed.

    The winner of the match is the team with the last ship/sub standing, as per my judgement.
    Aircraft carriers are allowed. (max 1 carrier, must use launcher sign)

    Unlike previous tournaments, this one will ACTUALLY be hosted!

    Please view the bracket below.

    To apply, team captains must post below.

    Format to join
    Team Name:
    Team Captain (IGN):
    Members IGNS (min 3 max 6):

    This tournament schedule is flexible and matches will be held over the course of the next week or two. I'll do my best to schedule the rounds with the team captains. If on a scheduled day a minimum of 3 of the 6 team members are online than the round will proceed. If your team consistently misses matches you will be disqualified.

    Good luck to all the participatns

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  2. Noice
  3. If anyone wants a team member, I have a ship2 (my plot 0, or 1, I can't remember which) that is decent enough.
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  4. searching for crew/captain I have two ship2s,
    both their cannons can be swapped for triple shot cannons, here's what they look like :
    I can't add anymore images because the website wont let me soo, here are the coords :

    X : 3541, Z : -461

    ~Please post a picture or the cords of your ship2s~
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  5. anyone wanna let me in their team kekxd
  6. Off and my computer is still dead
  7. I may join :thinking:
  8. I have a ship2 schemed, I may try and bring it out for this tourney
  9. Maybe I should join with my "stfu velo ur 11" ship
  10. Would apply to join this team
  11. Yea let's all forget about my gunbrick
  12. Sigh, if some staff would log on when I did I would have 4 ship2's combat capable
  13. Will we get a set amount of food for use in the arena?
    Also, what about ship cost? Is there a maximum cost per ship? Are our ships free?
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  14. Team Name: Atlanteans
    Team Captain (IGN): Terrariola
    Members IGNS (min 3 max 6): Terrariola, MichiganPlays, Zebis, Sakura_Blossom, AceHellcat, Reacon_BOT
  15. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Subject to my judgment. They need to look like a ship I won’t accept gunbricks or torp platforms.
    Maybe you’ll get some food.

    Accepted, you are team 1/8.
  16. What would you consider a "torp platform" My submarine has 2 mk3 torpedo launchers and has a ton of aircraft on it. (Submersible aircraft carrier)
  17. TheInventorMan

    TheInventorMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    Time to figure out where I stuck that Templar schem.
    Anybody need a team member?
  18. MrZuperTaco

    MrZuperTaco Admin Staff Member Admin

    ey I could use you :3
  19. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    u and iiz aren’t allowed to be on the same team
  20. MrZuperTaco

    MrZuperTaco Admin Staff Member Admin

    this is outragous