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Full Update Changelog! 2018-10-15

Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Sidewalk, Oct 15, 2018.

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    1. Cannons / Bomb Droppers / Depth Charges - We still have same weapons but how ammunition for these weapons are changed. Each type cannon (Single, Double, and Triple TnT Cannons), Depth Charges, & Bomb Droppers now have limited ammunition load out. However Emerald Ore can be placed on the vehicle, this will reload the weapons once they run out ammunition completely. When weapon reloaded when it runs out, Emerald Ore block on the vehicle will DISAPPEAR. This ore only good for one weapon. Rotations (e.g. walls, stairs) on turrets are fixed.
    2. Missiles - These are long range bombardment weapons with limited control. They work similarly to Torpedoes. They have two kinds of launchers you can fire them from either Vertically and Horizontal missile launchers. Also there two kinds of Missiles, Mark 1 (Mk1) and Mark 2 (Mk2). Like Torpedo launchers, they have more set between the launchers, Coal Block for Mk1 and the Redstone ore for the Mk2. There display area in the /warp oldarea or the /warp Shipyard. One does more damage from another, only Mark 2s can be be remote controlled, but only from the Horizontal launchers. Like torpedoes, the TDC can be used the Mk2 Missiles, with Periscope. These missiles can be used any vehicle that can fit them. Missiles can be destroyed with AA-Gun fire or CIWS. See the Wiki for Details.
    3. CIWS, or close-in-range weapon systems, are automatic rapid aa-guns. They cost $1250 and are created by placing a sign with "Ciws" on it. They automatically target missiles to destroy them, but you must be mounted on it!

    All bases are IMMUNE, or as immune as possible, from weapon damage unless there is an invasion with /k invade!
    Want to invade someone?
    You must be on their land, type the required command (/k invade), have the necessary resource points, and there must be a minimum of (3) defending members online. Otherwise, your base is SAFE! Who can build the best fortress?
    If you are being invaded, /k defend will teleport you to the site of the invasion!
    **Although most base damage is prevented, we cannot guarantee FULL protection, and things like rapetanks and base kamikazi remain a bannable offense.

    Coming soon: Purchasable timed base shields (ingame money)
    Option for pacifist (uninvadable factions that also cant invade)

    Enjoy the update!
    Long Live NavalClash.​
  2. What about donor stuff? Can u add it to the update?
  3. Countries part is the best
  4. It should be like 20% of the members instead of 3 plays cause it could be a one or 2 man fac and then what
  5. 2 man fac then wtf is 20%? 40% of one person must be online? dang that poor kid who has to defend
  6. I enjoy the effort, but this seems a LITTLE underwhelming due to the fact that most of this (except for the countries part, of course) is found in *cough* another *cough* place *cough* *WHEEEEEEZE* I need a doctor