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Goodbye... Forever?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by camkam, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone, for some reason I have never actually wrote one of these for the many times I have "left" the server, but this time I'm making sure I leave properly and without making a mess of myself. With schools starting soon I think I would be more comfortable focusing on what I need to do to actually PASS my classes and from what I experienced last year it feels so satisfying to get some time off the internet if you know what I mean. Its been a good run for now and I'm willing to leave it off here at the almost 5 years I have played on here and exit as so many have done before me and surely will do after I'm long gone. This server has basically been the only reason I play this game and I'm proud to have played it for so long. I don't know if this vacancy of mine will be permanent but for now I will assume it is at least until next summer and even then I don't want to waste my summer as I have so many before on a computer. I hope the best for everything this server has to offer, including you Side, I know I have been harsh to a lot of you in the past but the future should hold some great things for all of you and I'm sure you can all make it work. I know the staff certainty hasn't always been the best but they try their hardest to keep everything working for you all and I hope you are all grateful, which is something I never took into account on NBZ which I deeply regret doing. This community needs to grow to so much more and I know it can, there is so much potential for this plugin and I never would like to see it die. I hold no grudges against any of ya'll so if ya'll ever need to talk or anything I may pop on occasionally but I'll probably brick my MC files so I can't but you can probably contact me through discord. I think you all need to keep faith in Sidewalk and even though I have been very judgmental of him in the past there is so much he does that you simply do not see. I know ya'll liked me more but in all honestly Sidewalk did more work than I could ever do and you should appreciate that a lot, he is the sole reason this server is even still here and will continue to be here. Anyway, I hope you all the best in your future sailing, your favorite player, camkam o7
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    anyways, rip, was nice to have you around even if you got angry easily every now and then... But we're all humans and make mistakes

  4. Same mistakes hundreds of times over the course of 5 years

    Still, see ya, ya sh1t head.
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  6. Finally lal

    nvm Welcome to da club
  7. damnit.
  8. bro its a video game don't make such a big deal about it. like :p
  9. "camkam, Aug 18, 2018"
  10. ik this might be too late but I haven't been in the forums for some time but it was a pleasure to die to you and lose bases to u :p gl in real life
  11. Lol noob i would've done one of these but im too lazy :p