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Goodbye my friends

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by poprock19000, Aug 19, 2018.

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  1. Its been a long time since I started playing and I loved this server, still do. I unfortunately got myself banned for threatening too grief the server as a joke. Technically its not a permanent ban I'm just banned for 10 years, you can bet you'll see me in 2028. This server has given a lot too me and it hold a special place in my right leg, maybe also in my heart. Many of my friends are also leaving too, I guess its time for a new era of members too flood the server, please train them in the ways of the NavalClash sailor like I was trained in NBZ, and guide them down the path of the Jedi not the Sith.

    Goodbye (for 10 years)

    The Final Message of poprock19000

    My Discord is Pop_Penguinson#3287 and my steam is poprock19000 hit me up if you ever need anything/want too play anything
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  2. nah bring them right down to the path of the sith but rip :(
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  4. Its ok, come back in 2028 we'll be better!
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  5. Im an alabama nigga and i wanna be free
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  6. Unban POP right now ffs!
  7. 369398046834893rd time vouching for him in NC history
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    He's unbanned, unipbanned, drama over.
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