1. The update is temporarily delayed until droopy returns. Thanks for your patience! It WILL happen ASAP. Stay tuned!
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Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Sidewalk, Apr 24, 2018.

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  1. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    Hey all! I got in contact with droopy tonight and he is very busy with work, wishes you well, and granted me his blessing to update the server.

    The Island update will be release Wednesday April 25th (tomorrow) at 5:00pm EST. That gives me enough time to work out any bugs and write up some tutorials.

    I’ll add images to this post later, but for now here is everything you need to know about the update!

    - Chat Channels: Navigate the chat with /ch switch (channel) and /ch join (channel). Global chat can be seen by all in global, faction can be seen by all in your faction, in the faction channel only.

    - Discord Link: Type /discord link ingame and send the code you receive to the NavalClash Bot. Your discord account will automatically be linked; you will receive a verified file and be able to use the #global channel.

    - MONEY: Money is a lot more valuable with the update. Free weapons are fixed so no cancer ships. Be wise. Paydays are removed - you start with $20,000. Earn money by capturing outposts (there are four), selling items at the market with a playerstall, voting (which is not setup YET), and selling blackmarket items.

    Drugs. It sounds bad, and they can be used, but drugs are an ingenious way for us to fix the economy. Purchase individual plants at EXTREMELY high prices at an outpost. Bring the plant to your base. Treat it like you would wheat seeds - it needs water and needs to be hoed. When the plant grows there is a chance it will drop two. I recommend you focus on multiplying your plants so you can get a higher payout faster. There are different types of plants worth different amounts of money - I’ll explain more when I have more time. After you have collected the drugs you want to sell, process them by smelting in a furnace and then bringing them to one of the drug dealers located around the map to sell. Drugs will also add extreme value to bases, so if you want to piss off a faction bomb their farms.

    - You can also buy normal plants to farm at the market, and sell them their, but their payouts are low compared to drugs

    - STALLS: Players can rent plots around spawn and shops in the market to decorate and place chestshops.

    - TRANSPORTATION: /sethome is disabled, only transportation is /spawn and a few warps, as well as /f home and /f warp. Meaning that if you want to move people, you will have to use personnel carriers.

    - Outposts don’t have warps, so if you capture them you have a high chance of being able to just move on to another without losing it ensuring high easy profits.

    - Banknotes are commonly awarded by outposts and voting, use them by rightclicking. You could also use them to trade with other players. Type /withdraw (amount) to create a banknote from your balance.

    - GLITCHING RULES: You will be immediately and permanently banned if you are found abusing glitches or even not immediately reporting them. This includes item duping, glitching, free money or items, etc..

    - GUNS: Somewhere around spawn there is a blackmarket. In it you will find tons of explosives and weapons. There are five tiers of guns - everyone can use all guns, but only people with certain amounts of rankpoints can buy higher tiers. Higher tier guns cost more money and are slightly more dangerous. For example, people can purchase tier 2 guns when they reach 50,000 rankpoints, tier three at 150,000, tier four at 350,000, and tier 5 at 600,000. Subject to change.

    - New textures: Be sure to delete your server resource packs folder and redone load the pack! Some people have trouble seeing the guns at first - if this happens to you simply download the pack manually and that will fix it. Link coming soon.

    In the arcade world, all ships are FREE! No rankpoints are earned, however.

    - More plots!
    Droopy was very generous and decided to put ship5s and hangar2s on the rank tree! Please support the server by donating anyway. Since the shipyard is now way faster, it can be unlimited in size and all ranks now get more plots. This all means this is the last reset ever for the shipyard!

    - New ranks...
    There are now 29 ranks on NavalClash, ranging from 0 rankpoints to 10million at the top. When you first join the update, your rankpoints are still there! Simply go through the rules room, go through the portal, then denoob yourself. After you are denoobed keep typing /rank to rank up to your new rank’s or equivalent.

    - Vote crates will be won by voting, and will have mixtures of rare weapons, banknotes, and other rewards.

    - Inventories will no longer be saved in outposts as they are now the biggest source of income! Make sure you join a strong faction!

    - Normal mc boats are disabled

    - tons of shipyard bug fixes and optimizations

    - AA-Gun range buff

    - DYNMAP: player locations will be disabled. Map should remain frozen on its original picture so bases shouldn’t show up. http://play.navalclash.net:8123
    Don’t abuse the chat or your ip will be banned ingame!

    - All punishments and bans are reset with a few special exceptions. Fresh start!

    - Old shipyard will be accessible by all with a warp. Just get a staff member to go with you to copy the ships that may not be schemed

    - Huge changes to gun mechanics, all new guns.

    - Balances, inventories, shipyards, factions will reset. Rankpoints remain the same, although your rank will for sure change.

    There is a ton more to the update but that’s all I have time to write about tonight. I’ll finish editing this post tomorrow and answer any questions you may have.

    Sorry for the delay, hopefully you can all wait one more day. Thanks for your patience. I’ve decided to release tomorrow at 5 so I have time to check through one last time for any pressing issues.

    More information and the update coming tomorrow!

    - Sidewalk

    Other changes:
    - Shipyard plots and rankpoints are now uuid based, so name changes shouldn’t be as much of a problem
    - Private and public plots should be fixed
  2. that is... a lot of islands... I see the possibility of large fleet manuvers being harder
    but this looks amazing! Def worth the wait(s)
  3. Long. Overdue. But I can't wait for the update. A new NC.

    I am slightly concerned about normal MC boats being disabled... RIP stealth attacks?
  4. *gets delayed*
  5. Make NavalClash great again! Add back paydays.
  6. -1
    Preloading will be missed <3
    R.I.P. Free Weapon Glitch ;-;
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  7. rip money and rip everyone who tries to make money as a certain fac is gonna capture every single ******* island in existance
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  8. MrZuperTaco

    MrZuperTaco Admin Staff Member Admin

    time to bomb
  9. Will miss paydays, but this overall sounds like it does have a chance.
  10. You still have drugs?
  11. Only question is, why is there a huge ass airfiled so far from spawn island?
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  12. MrZuperTaco

    MrZuperTaco Admin Staff Member Admin

    That's where you spawn planes im assuming, though it kinda sucks that it's a bit a ways away from spawn...
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  13. This seems like a great idea, but it's actually not good. There is a chance that people will completely stop using normal docks and only use arcade docks, which sounds terrible.
    Is the 10 million rank "Führer"?
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  14. No it's
  15. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    It’s actually called CommanderInChief
  16. Honestly, I don't really like the drugs stuff.
    I liked paychecks, the drugs stuff will just make us into yet another boring cops and robbers server, except with the addition of ships. I think this is differing way too much from the core NBZ-like gameplay. And, if regular boats are disabled, I want ships to be massively faster.
  17. Sidewalk

    Sidewalk Quintessential

    The drugs are only called drugs because there is nothing else to call them. There are no “cops”, it’s a way to earn money. Why not just use regular plants? Because the unique nbt tags of the “drugs” can’t be achieved in case someone manages to glitch them out of shipyard.
  18. I'm glad you could read that....
  19. Oh and about the new drugs and things, now we have to work for our money, honestly its not that terrible, and if you GET GOOD, you could make a nice sum of money, my only suggestion would be, could we add something like gold panning in or prospecting for money? I feel like that would be fun, IK it was apart of SF but you coudn't earn money that way...

    Link to a bukkit plugin for Gold panning : https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/goldpanning

    I understand that maybe this will interfere with the gold block on cannon, but maybe make it so you have to sell only nuggets and not gold bars, Just a thought to discourage those trying to use cannon blocks... OH and plz set the durability to like 15 or something
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