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NavalClash News Flash - Merge Talks & S i de w a l k Resigns.

Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Wrangler, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Hello NavalClash Players

    Much has happened over the space of two weeks.

    I will give brief overview of the situation.

    Overview - In late October the server was updated to use missiles and CIWS. However adjustments to the server proved to be costly. With resignation of Iizcracker123 , the server was heavily relaying on S i de w a l k to upkeep the server. His adjustments to the server caused issue with navycraft (the thing makes ships move, guns fire) which made playing NavalClash server impossible, resulting mass exodus of players to our competiting navycraft server, I r o n S e as. Future of the server became in doubt.

    S i de w a l k - Resigns - Weighting irl commetiments and trying to deal with the server, S i de w a l k handed in his resignation as staff member to Droopystarfish. This lead to word that the server was officialy shutting down.

    Merger Talks with I r o n S e a - Droopystarfish and S o l mex engaged talks of merging both servers (as in the beginning) into one whole server retaining the name NavalClash. Irony in this was this is how NavalClash came to be. Merger of a early version of Clash and IronSeas.

    Details have not been finalized, so they will not be posted until it's official. As one remaining staff members of NavalClash, I ask you to be patient and be positive to the future NavalClash and playing we all love about this game.

    Thank You
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    Hello Players - Times are a changing. Its official, NavalClash and it's rival I r o n S e a s are merging. With Droopystarfish and Solmex becoming co-owners of the server. Staff members from both servers are being brought together with the staff of the other server. The newly merged server will retain our server's name, NavalClash.

    What Now?
    • All the features I r o n S e a s was noted to have, missiles, CIWS, Bofor (auto-machine guns/AA-Guns), Turbo (boosting in speed) will be on the new NavalClash.
    • Rank Reset - Yep, it was in cards, IronSeas is bit...top heavy in admirals, so the new standards are coming
    • Shipyard - New shipyard, more newer than we had with scheme abilities built into the Plots themselves, while you can have mod schem to main schem (server's schem page) More on this later.
    • Map Reset - Were getting Smaller Map, so no more Big Old Earth.
    • New Tankspawn! - You heard it right, were getting new one. It won't be ready at re-launch of the server however. Be patient fellow sailors of Clash.
    I would like to note. I am just a moderator posting update, any changes or policies handled are to be address to the Administration aka High Staff, and ownership. I'm posting news.