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NavalClash News Flash - New Weapons and Events

Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Wrangler, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Hello Clashers
    Here some highlights of the new things coming along with our mighty fun server.
    • Mk3 Missiles "Homing Missiles" - Yet another additional missile has been added to the arsenal. This one being by far the deadliest of them all. Nicknamed the Homing Missile, this is fired from both Horizontal and Vertical missile launchers at cost of whopping 2500 per launcher. Packs more of destructive force than other missiles, however far more accurate if you use the right devices with it. Newly added AdvancedRadar and the FireControl systems are needed for the person to program it to kill, and sent it on it's merry way. Click on this link to the Wiki for more details.
    • Flare Dropper - Also known simply as Flares. This thing works exactly like the depth charge but easier to use. It's basically distracts homing missiles from hitting your valuable vehicle from destruction! Load & Click and way it goes...dropping a Red Wool unlike depth charge and poof it gives you a chance that homing missile is distracted. Well, more you get what you pay for, because this is a FREE dropper! Click here for more details!
    • Jammer - Best countermeasures to fight the deadly Mk3 Missile, using the Jammer! This is a sign device which you simply click and suddenly your not on ANYONES sensors or radar. Missile suddenly goes swirling away after losing it's target. This is a device that last 30 seconds per use, and needs 30 seconds recharge for next activation. It can be shut off and turned on while in use. Click here for more details!
    New Features
    • Hypothermia (Deadly Waters!) - So you like take swim? You can, if you don't mind feeling unhealthy. Brought back by need for balancing sealing issues. Waters do heart damage depending how long your in the water. Get in and get out!!
    • [Global]/[Talk] (Less spam on your chat) - For long time we had excessive chat and arguably unwanted toxicity. Frankly it's hard read all this. We don't want hear about your crewmember is dying. SO, like in early days of Naval Battlezone, any chat that accrues OUTSIDE of Safedocks, will automatically go to a type of local chat known as [TALK]. Once you go to Talk, only people within maybe dozen blocks can hear you scream when you die. Have fun!
    As the time marches on, the server will try to do be doing events on the weekend. Please monitor the Tournament thread or our discord channel for announcements of what going on with the server. First of these events is mentioned here.​
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