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NavalClash News Flash - State of the Server : Server Reopened & New Start (1-20-2019)

Discussion in 'Announcements & Important Information' started by Wrangler, Jan 20, 2019.

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  1. Wrangler

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    Hello Clashers
    The server by time this message has gone online. I am to continue posting here, since it maybe easier for others to read news on forums vs on discord.

    Here snapshots of news
    • Server Re-Opened - After a lengthy downtime, the server open yet again. The staff was attempting restructure things to increase game play potential. However these changes have not been implemented for reason listed below.
    • No Further Fixes to Navycraft Reloaded - Solmex on Discord on January 19th, 2019 He announced that in concert with Navycraft's creator's Maximuspayne that new version of the navycraft that makes vehicles work in Minecraft is being coded, Solmex and other talented coders are working on it. Current Navycraft Reloaded will only fixed as needed. The new navycraft will be strikingly more different from what is used currently. This is being called Navycraft Recoded, aka Navycraft 3.0.
    • Missiles Not Working Right - As part of the damaged inflicted by Blackhawk3244 (former admin) and other problems, has caused issues with more advanced weapons such as Mark 3 & Mark 2 Missiles. It is hope that the code will be fixed, however its not expected Solmex will have time fix them anytime soon due to Navycraft Recoded being made by Maximuspayne.
    News posted on the discord will still be posted here.
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  2. Wrangler

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    Amendment to Rules & Additional Changes
    • Homing Missile Restrictions - Solmex has determined Mk3 Missiles (with homing ability) maybe bit much for game play and their restricted to Hangar2, Ship3 and bigger. No Ship1, Ship2, or Hangar1 size vehicles are to have these weapons mounted with Fire Control & Advancedradar.
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