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HIGH Priority staff spawning in TNT for raids

Discussion in 'Player Reports/Complaints' started by mdesti, Sep 30, 2018.

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  1. I do not know which staff member did this but this should be looked into, its a complete joke that staff can think even for a second this is acceptable. This is the definition of abuse of power. As seen in a video staff spawned in a tnt ball during a raid. Side is already looking into this but whoever is responsible should be demoted asap as raiding is the core component of factions and all members of staff are in factions, so it is completely unfair for staff to use their powers to help them raid. When I asked the people who were apart of the raid who did this they all refused to answer.

    Is this what we really want the new members from Iron to see?

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  2. Yes
    Thats f.ucking awesome right there
  3. Agreed im coming back to NC for this stuff right here not really
  4. The man-made buildable in the claim was already destroyed by us, We of course spawned it because it wouldn't do harm and we already destroyed most of the place. Same thing happened to my island base, romo wiped it off the map to add room, all people who participated in this raid can confirm that the base was already, blown to pieces, just like my island base? see, I admitted and im calm so what are you going to say?
  5. well luckily wasnt a real base but none the less people love overly bombing a base and people do it legit and spend time overyling bombing shit. IDC about your island its not right if your raiding with staff they can spawn shit in thats bs
  6. So you don't care if my base gets spawned with a tnt ball? you're ******* stupid please kill yourself
  7. Hmm. Given the video, it was either Romo, or Tohryn.
  8. "I admitted and im calm so what are you going to say?" LOL your a joke and YOU ASKED ROMO TO BLOW UP YOUR BASE!!!!! In what world is that the same as this situation at ALL? go home.
  9. Our bases were blown up by tnt balls after there raided?
  10. Dude, it's proof staff spawned it in, So may was well find the one who spawned it at this point.
  11. romo admitted to it
  12. u asked for that, i did not? do you honestly not get the difference. People love overly bombing a base and people do it legit and spend time overyling bombing bases. I cant just spawn in tnt to overly bomb ur base i need to sit there and take a 50k plane to drop 800 bombs to do that.
  13. you don't even have aircrafts with 800 bombs
  14. not anymore
  15. stop talking in here everything you have said has been so stupid and pointless like yes i do have an aircraft with 800 bombs
  16. the verdict is out it is not acceptable to spawn tnt during a raid even if the base is gone
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