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  1. So what's the deal with tankspawn? As long as I can remember, even back during NBZ, Tankspawn has been the biggest 'problem' which whenever something would go wrong it would take upwards of a couple of months before anything would even be done. Is anything regarding it's function going to be done anytime soon? I speak for myself here but really the original reason I even came to play back during NBZ (under different name at that time) was because I heard I could make working tanks there, so I and iiz came and played for a while and we all know where iiz went from there and in my opinion will always have been the best staff member that I can recollect. Ok, point is, I came back in the day to use tanks and I still want to use them more so than other vehicle classes but something is always wrong with TS.. I mean ALWAYS. Will anything eventually be done to hopefully make it as successful as the others?
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    Tankspawn working fine now. Server periodically has issues. Current Tankspawn is mini-world, with ship spawners and alternate venues to launch vehicles. You can also do PvP combat.
    Issues is resolved.